Communion and Releasing Heaven on Earth

Today is an incredibly busy day for my little family.

We are scattered like the autumn leaves through town.

Quinn is at a boy scout campout all weekend. I know he is in the best hands possible, but this mom never sleeps well thinking of her little boy in a tent in the woods in the cold. I cant wait for tomorrow to get him back and run him a nice warm bath.

Madison is taking her first SAT today. She said that this is the one where she has to learn how to beat the system and the test, and she will score higher next time. I was a wreck when I took my SAT, but she is calm, cool and collected.

Morgan will be with her best friend, either hanging out or going to homecoming.


The north fork breast health coalition is hosting a day at the Blue Sage Day Spa for breast cancer patients. There will be light snacks, juices from The Giving Room, and we each get two treatments. I have avoided support groups in person like the plague, and this is my first time being around other patients without protesting funding or at a gala. My friend Charlene owns the business, so I know I’m in good hands. I’m still in some pain so a day of pampering is nice.

God always comes through with His timing.

I went last night back to Spa Belleza, and it was lovely. I had a gentle massage with oils and hot stones and reiki. I felt the heat coming off of my head, and when we finished, Tina confirmed it. She said that was good, as it was the liver detoxing. All of the energy was leaving through the head.

My crown chakra.

Let it all go.

I went to my niece’s birthday as well, and as soon as I walked in, my sister jill gave me bread and a sip of her red wine. For the first time in a long time, I actually had communion from a real Christian.

I was contacted by yet another media outlet to run the story about the church denying me communion in a letter. I actually almost said yes, because the hypocrisy is astounding. But then I realized that God knows what they all did. That’s enough for me. Some people said they want to write letters and call or protest. I say don’t waste your breath. One of the silver linings that has come out of this is that many former members who left have reappeared in my life this past week. Apparently this is a “thing”, and the church family I used to know scattered due to similar instances. It’s a shame, as the families that used to go to this church were amazing. Eventually the elders and pastor will learn that those who judge others and make the church into a jury room will be left alone in their own pew.

You can’t minister to an empty church.

I said to some yesterday I will pray for them, because to them the Bible is used for punishment and sin and is like a jail.

To me?

The Bible set me free. It tells me stories of miracles, friendships, strong women, children who faced giants. A man who loved me so much he died for me before I was even born.

I also realized something yesterday that filled my heart.

People are talking freely about Jesus and God’s love with me all the time. Look over my wall the last two or three days. Four years ago?

Jesus was only mentioned at Christmas and Easter.


Every single day.

Every…single…day… I have people praying for me, telling me how much He loves me. Quoting scriptures that fill me with peace.

Stopping me in the halls of my school and discussing faith.

It’s beautiful.

I look in the mirror and cry when I see myself with no eyebrows or hair. I said to someone that every morning I think of that magnet man you used to use as a child with a red pen with black magnet pieces to draw eyebrows and hair on this little board.

But maybe I’m more like a newborn.

Stripped clean of everything as the medicine takes all the cancer away. Stripped of all pretenses and former beliefs, and reminded of what is the basic fundamental.

That no matter what you look like, what you do…

You are loved.

You were born with grace, beauty, and His love surrounding you. Every layer we added on as we go through life should add to the beauty, and if it doesn’t…

We can shed it.

I heard yesterday a beautiful quote.

Rather than finding heaven on earth, we need to release heaven on earth.

Imagine that?

I’m off to take some more pain medicine and take a detox bath. It’s homecoming today. I wish the town would show up for other sports and activities and concerts and have a pep rally for all the smart kids who take advanced classes or got to Boces and learn trades.. We need to cheer on EVERYONE.

I’m also crashing the riverhead high school class of 89 reunion.

I crashed their last one and loved it. It’s a great group of people and will be nice to get

More healing hugs.

Today may we all release a little bit of heaven on earth.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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