I had such a wide ranging amazing day yesterday.

And it started off with me thinking I wouldnt be able to get out of bed.

I woke up completely exhausted, as most teachers do the days after Halloween. I forced myself to get up, take my herbs and supplements and meds, took a shower, drew on my eyebrows, and then laid down on the couch. I rested for another hour then off I went.

The North Fork Breast Coalition was hosting a spa day for breast cancer patients at the Blue Sage Day Spa. I resist going to any and all “support group” type activities. It’s hard as I tend to absorb the energy of others, and I’m much better talking one to one with others. But I love Melanie, who organized it, as well as Charlene, who owns the spa and has been a dear friend for years. I was surprised as soon as I walked in by two women whom I’ve met them through facebook and one at last year’s gala, so there were familiar faces which was comforting. We all introduced ourselves, and the majority of women were stage four. Two are newly diagnosed, and I sat and realized that I’m the women for them who I looked for when I was first diagnosed… years out from the shitty prognosis, still living my life.

I hoped that by being there those women saw hope as well.

One woman said she had found my blog one day, and she learned more about stage four form my blog than from any oncologist.

And THAT is why I continue to share.

I had a lovely treatment, and then left a little early. It’s too hard for me to be in “Cancerland”, and needed to be in a normal life setting to rebalance myself.

Madison has just ended her SAT after five hours so I went to check on her, then ran to the homecoming game to check on Morgan.

Let me tell you…

Going to the homecoming game was amazing. I got so many hugs from former parents and students. Everyone was on a great mood. Our team, which was moved up to division one and placed on the bottom of the boards, won the game and will be in the playoffs. The school pride was palpable. How I wish we could bottle that up and have everyone see what I see.

I stayed for the band and cheerleaders and cheered them on at halftime, then went home and slept on the couch.

My dad asked if I had checked Facebook and when I did, I was blown away.

You see, years and years ago, MTV had a show called “The Real World”, a show where they put strangers from all walks of life into a house as a social experiment. There was a young man named Kevin powell, who has gone on to become a a well known and respected author, activist, blogger, public speaker. My friend Mark Naison, who is also a well known professor and author, shared my blog with Kevin about the denial of communion from my church..

Kevin decided to write an article and had it published in the national publication called “The Progressive”.

I wad shocked, and humbled.

He wrote eloquently and hit the nail on the head. So thank you, Kevin.


Rob and I took the opportunity of me being semi-well to go out to dinner for a date.

It was lovely, and felt like the days before cancer took over our lives. Then we crashed the Riverhead Class of 89 reunion.

I didn’t even go to riverhead, but having taught here for years, I feel I’m a blue wave. It’s a great group of people in that class year, and we ran in for some quick hugs.

We came home and as we walked up the stairs to bed, rob started laughing. He said, “Keri… it’s 8:30.”

When you took into account the time change, I was in bed and asleep by nine.

Two words….

Rock… star.

Today is Sunday. Many people will be going to church today.

Not me.

I’ll be going to the rotary pancake breakfast early with Morgan and her friend who slept over. Rob used to be so involved in rotary before cancer then had to step back. I’m so grateful they still let him come to events to volunteer and be around them all. It’s a great group of local business people who do amazing things.

Then I’m off to get Maddie from a sleepover and finally my Quinn who slept outside all weekend with the boys scouts. He is tired and cold and hungry, and I cant wait time get him home and snuggle up with him.

I’ll rest this afternoon, as it’s a big week.

I’ll be teaching at our districts Edcamp on Tuesday, have a pop in observation this week, start fasting Wednesday and chemo Thursday. I’m also playing basketball in a fundraiser against the Harlem wizards Thursday, and hope to go to a book release party for a friend on Friday.

I’ve got a lot of life to live this week.

If you’re going to church today, pray for me.

If you’re being given communion, savor every second of the ritual, a ritual that has been done for years and years years.

I’ve been invited to so many churches in the past few days I have lost count.

I’ve been shown the true face of God through all of this, and have had the spirit of Jesus shine through strangers.

May you all be invited to the table, and if not..

Set your own place wherever you may be, and know you are loved.

Take, and eat.

Take, and drink.

The body and blood has been shed for you.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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