Truth hurts?

When I get fired up… I go big.

I KNOW God has been with me as I spread education and awareness about stage four.


Because in a three day time period, three separate news organizations reached out to me out of the blue, and there were three different articles written and published.

Each with a different slant.

The News Review focused on the Kaits Angels fundraiser and the generosity and beauty of people, especially Nick Coutts. It focused on how those who have been through the fire and are still burning, can offer others water because we know how painful the heat can be.

Riverhead local asked me for an editorial on the state of Pinktober. I’ve known Denise Civiletti for years, and love this family to pieces. I taught her daughter Katie, and get great hugs from them all whenever I see them. It was in my own words, and I let loose. Many people’s eyes were opened.

The riverhead patch spent three hours with me Friday doing and interview. Lisa Finn wanted to get the whole story out there, with my protocol, what it’s like to be diagnosed stage four from the beginning, and how the pinkwashing and sexualization of this disease needs to stop. She did an amazing job….

and woke up the beast.

Her editors decided the article was worthy of going national. They made it their lead story.

And the Susan G Komen foundation read it.

Listen, have they done good?


Have they done enough?

Absolutely not.

Can they do better?

1,000% percent.

The article riled them up enough they sent a long winded and winding rebuttal claiming how much they do with lifelines and conferences and such. But they did not say that the statistic of the small amount they spend on research was wrong. It’s like how a politician can give a long winded answer to skirt around the issue that the point given was correct.

Some more on research, Susan. Is it that hard to figure out that if we cure or make it chronic, EVERYONE will benefit and the mammograms won’t be so scary?

Here is a NEW Komen fun fact for you.

Did you know they sue small fundraising organization who have “for a cure” in their title? “Kites for a cure” was aggressively sued by Komen back in 2010. They have trademarked the words “for a cure”. I couldn’t even believe it and googled that myself. Isn’t it ironic that the company that misleads where the bull of their fundraising goes sues others who would give more of a percentage? They have spent millions on lawyers to protect that. Money that could have gone to research.

Think for a second…

Why would Komen be worries about a little old kindergarten teacher from a small town on the north fork? Because kindergarten teachers are notorious for telling people when they e done wrong. For fighting for the little guys. For encouraging people to change and do the right thing.

No milk and cookies for you, Komen.

I’m not afraid of them.

I’ve taken on the common core.

Protested against the NY Board of Regents.

Refused to have my children take the ridiculous NY State tests designed to fail.

Stood up for the 26,000 children kicked out of school under the guise of vaccinations, and am sounding the alarm on what’s coming for us all… gardisil.

Komen doesn’t scare me.

I’ve been looking in deaths face every day for three years and saying, “Not today.”


God was with David when he faced Goliath.

Gideons army of 300 unskilled farmers defeated thousands of midionite soldiers who came to take their land.

Moses verse the pharaoh.

Daniel verse Babylon.

It’s not that I am special.

It not who I am…. but “whose” I am.

I am the daughter of a King. I stand with my armor, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit.

Come at me.

I am not afraid.

He strengthened my spirit and soul, the week after my first heavy dose of chemo, while my hair has started to come out, and gave me the words I needed.

That’s what He does, when you open yourself to His love and possibilities of His Miracles.

I envisioned a garden for my kindergarten, and for all the school. I asked God to send me those who can help.

He sent me Anthony Meras who bought pumpkins for every kinder. He owns Star Confectionary on Main Street. Go get some ice cream or lunch or breakfast from him and tell him thank you.

He sent me Jenn Reeve who donated corn stalks and always finds a way to bring beauty into lives.

He sent me kristina Gabrielson, who brought straw bales and scarecrows and more mums to make a scarecrow reading spot outside.

He sent me Emilie Powers who kicked it all off with mums and Montauk daisies, and is always praying for me.

He sent me cindey Macleod who showed up and helped me move around the bales and mums, and always shows up with her kind heart.

I’ve asked him for healing, but apparently that takes longer, and has assigned many mountains to move. But He has shown me He is with me.

Today we try to plant the mums and finish the garden. It is a thing of beauty. 

It’s been a whirlwind few days. I’m gearing up for chemo on Thursday. I’m getting ready to go into the shower and see how much hair comes out today and cry. But I’ll play my Hilltop music as I let the water wash away my tears and praise God for Hos blessings of the kindness of strangers and friends.

Because I … am… blessed.

So are you.

Declare your blessings, even the ones that haven’t come yet.

They are coming.


In Jesus’s name, amen.



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