I’m wearing White tonight for the Children.

I have always considered myself an activist.

Standing up and sounding the alarm, and always…ALWAYS… speaking for the children.

Back when Madison was in third grade and the common core was released along with the ridiculous tests, I ranted and yelled about how it was all a money making scam. Make tests that the kids can’t pass except the brightest, make kids who have special needs take it, make kids who have only been in the country for one year and are still learning the language take it, and then tie it to teacher scores and funding. Then charter schools can crow their kids score higher but don’t tell you how many of their special ed and English language learners magically don’t take the test, and they kick out behavior kids, all while taking money from the public schools who have to educate all.

Look at us now, nine years later.

Was I right?

Then I railed against these stupid vaping and e cigarettes. Cigarette companies were losing money because people realized finally the correlation between cancer and smoking. Why the hell people still smoke is beyond me. So they targeted kids, with cool flavors and bright colors. Kids made videos with vaping tricks, kids can’t go to the bathroom because of kids vaping, kids vaping in class for Godsakes. I went to a PTO meeting about vaping and was the only…parent…there.


Two years later?

Kids are being hospitalized because of lung damage. They are using laced THC and having severe damage.

You all know by now my railing and ranting about breast cancer.

So what now?

I’m sounding another alarm.


Listen, I am a woman of faith AND science. They are both saving my life.

And they are both MY choice.

Next week, 26,000 or so families are being kicked out of ALL schools, not just public, because their religious freedom has been taken away.

That’s right.

Remember the pilgrims who risked their lives and sailed to America for religious freedom?

Remember the constitution?

Freedom of religion?

Some people do not vaccinate their kids because of their beliefs. I vaccinated my kids, but on my own schedule. The list of vaccines from when I was a kid has doubled. I spaced them out.

My choice.

My children.

Yes, some people claim religious beliefs but actually are not vaccinating their kids because of personal beliefs. Then people say, “Oh, they are faking it.” So what should we do? Have people PROVE their faith?

Wear stars?

Think about the history behind that.

If your child is vaccinated, then a child that isn’t shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, as an immuno compromised chemo patient, if you have recently been vaccinated, you are shedding a live virus and are more of a danger to me.

The government has stripped away rights of parents.

I dont believe in abortion. I believe that a life is a life from conception. But that’s my body. My choice. I’m not in support of forcing other women to carry children they don’t want. Their body, their children, their choice.

But apparently, once a child comes out of the woman, the child now belongs to the government. And if you don’t vaccinate your child, they can’t go to ANY school, public or private, or else the school will be fined.

This isn’t about health and safety, people.

It’s about money, cloaked in “public safety”.

So theses kids can’t go to school, but they will

still be in parks, libraries, theatres, supermarkets. It’s only between the hours of 8:50-3:30 they can’t be around other kids.

We allow children with HIV in our schools.

Kids come to our school with the flu, and I bet if you looked at data, more people died of the flu than these other vaccine illnesses, and how many of you had the flu vaccine and STILL got the flu?

Here’s the kicker.

These pharmaceutical companies have a deal with the government. They can release vaccines and not be held responsible for injuries that occur. There is also a law that payouts from injuries come from taxpayer money. Look up vaccine injuries.

The media is in on it. They create a huge public outcry. That lady who had the measles upstate? She was actually vaccinated.

We are being flooded with children coming here illegally. These children are all allowed in school and taxpayers are paying. Children that are born here and have parents that are also trying to keep their kids safe are being kicked out of school.

As a public school teacher, we are all like the Statue of Liberty. Give me your tired, your poorer, your hungry…. and we don’t say “but they better have their shots”.

It’s such a small population of families in the big picture. I know these kids. I looooooove these kids. These families have all been coming quietly to school for years. They have been quiet because people yell and scream at them how stupid they are.

Let me tell you, these parents are some of the most educated people I know, and do their research. And their kids? Have barely missed school and are some of the healthiest kids I know.

I feel sad for the other kids and teachers who will miss out on these amazing families and children.

What will happen next?

First they came for the children.

Will cancer patients be on the list?

I’ve been able to choose whether to have chemo, which drugs to take.

Will the government force me to take certain drugs? They already have a huge say in what drugs they will fund, and make a shit ton of money with pharmaceutical lobbyists.

It’s about money and our freedoms being stripped away.

I sounded the alarm on the tests.

I sounded the alarm on common core.

I sounded the alarm on vaping.

I am sounding the alarm on cancer and funding.


This is the biggest threat to us all.

I am sounding the alarm on the stripping of our rights.

I don’t care whether you think vaccines are good or bad.



Freedom of parents to choose for their children what they think is best.

I’m wearing white tonight to support these families whose children are being kicked out of ALL schools in a few days in the state of New York. These families now have to struggle to figure out how to homeschool. This was snuck in at the last minute in June and the parents had no idea. They’ve spent all summer lobbying and writing and calling and traveling to Albany. They are armed with FACTS. No one in power is listening to the people, they are only listening to the pharmaceutical companies with money.

Many parents have jobs.

These children have friends.

Some kids are in high school and have played sports and are in the arts.

These children are citizens.

And they have been stripped of their rights.

First they came for the children….

May these families be heard, and be allowed to stay.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

4 thoughts on “I’m wearing White tonight for the Children.

  1. Thank you for this. So often our vaccine injured children are discriminated against, and now segregated in the name of the immunocompromised because of the misinformation and fear mongering of blind acceptance of Big Pharma and paid physicians agenda. The package insert is the MOST basic place to start. In a scary time I could imagine how fear can keep a parent from doing your own research. But I promise like your story, it’s out there. I also encourage parents to realize the lack of logic in pointing fingers at our children, when they themselves are essentially unvaccinated and with their own children every single day. And last I urge parents to learn about the miracle of your intricate immune system. Ask yourself when and why you stated to believe that your child can not survive or thrive without 72 untested and liability free products that are 100% profit for the CDC who holds their patents and gets to mandate them at the same time. I can say so much more but want to end my just saying thank you for starting a much needed conversation, especially as a teacher.

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  2. This is passionate and brilliant and so spot on. Why won’t they see? Thank you from a mom from New York who fought Vommin Core and is fighting this stripping of freedom. I will be watching by beautiful and thriving 10th grader leave school on Wednesday knowing she might never go back and my heart breaks.

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  3. Thank you! I am one of the 26,000 whose kids last day of public school is tomorrow. On top of that my kids have medical exemptions that have been denied by the schools. This was a great read and one I will share.

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