We Chose the Story, and Riding Black Beauty

While on a walk through the woods yesterday, I was listening to a podcast with Gary Zhukov and Oprah. He said something that I had heard before, and it hit me again.

He said our souls chose this life story.

That every soul chooses their life story.

We chose the life that will better the greater good.

At first, I was like, “Suck it, Gary. Because this cancer sucks.”

But then I tried to be all higher energy and enlightened as I listened to Oprah and Gary, and thought really hard. Without a doubt, I have become a better person, wife, mother, teacher. I appreciate every moment. I’ve become so much more open with my feelings and people know exactly how I feel. I say “I love you”, a lot more. The kindness that surrounds me is amazing. I was looking for tips on a used teepee yesterday for my classroom, and someone went and bought a new one.

I wanted some new games and toys and centers, made a grant, and it was fulfilled in a week. My husband rob wanted to raise money for Metavivor for his birthday and set a goal of $200 and he is well over $2,000. In two days. We went and got bikes, and the man that owned the bike story threw in water bottle holders, water bottles and gave us a little discount when he talked to us. I went to a medium and she told me that my blood will heal many in seven years. I’m holding her to it, as she was right about many other things. Maybe my soul chose this life to help cure cancer, or help others learn to live with cancer. Maybe that’s not even my life purpose, and there is something else I’m supposed to do. My next act after we did a cure. Because my whole life I thought my purpose was to teach children and that was it.

But then I thought about children. Children with cancer, children who have been killed, children who barely get to live their life and then die.

He said we all choose this life.

Even children.

They are the most enlightened souls.

Their souls chose their family and their story, and their families chose the story as well. We run in soul packs. We all choose different stories each time we come back, but we always stay together. I found it comforting to think that we keep coming back to each other. I’ll never understand why death so young needs to be part of a greater good, but I’ve seen some families turn tragedies into moments where they help countless others, either by educating or making organizations to raise awareness or funds.

My friend Darla did that when her beautiful daughter Kait was hit by a car and passed away. She formed “Kaits Angels”, and they have raised money every year to help others. They are having a yard sale in September and I just found out they made me a recipient of funds they raise. I found out from a reporter who called me for an interview. It’s always hard and humbling to accept help. But I’m grateful, and love Darla… and Kait. The beauty and kindness that continues to spread from her tragedy is awe inspiring.

I didnt explain it here as well as Gary did, or as Greg Braden did in the movie “Heal”. So listen to the latest Oprah super soul Sunday podcast or read “The Seat of the Soul”. But I choose to believe them, because this is too hard to take without thinking there is a purpose or a reason. So I choose to think my soul saw the whole story planned out and said, “OK, God. It’s going to be hard, but those children and that husband… that mom and dad and family… those friends… they will help me get through it. And look at all the people that will help me. It will be a hard journey but I’ll be surrounded by love and kindness most of the time.”

And Jesus said, “Yes. And when it gets too hard, I ‘ll carry you. You can talk to me anytime and I’ll be there. I’ll see you when you come back home. We will all be waiting. And it will be quick as a flash. Listen for my whispers and signs and I’ll keep guiding you.”

Isn’t that a better way to think?

Grief is so hard.

Pain hurts.

But we can turn our faces and minds, hard as it may be sometimes, and choose our beliefs and look up.

Fill our minds with the good thoughts.

Manifest the good things happening and raise our energy to make our lives and everyone around us easier and better.

More light and love and positivity.

May today bring good energy and peace to everyone.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

PS. I walked two miles in the woods in the morning and rode miles on my new bike last night. The most I’ve ever ridden a bike. I named her “Black Beauty “. It will take a while to get used to riding, so if you see a wobbly woman with a white helmet on, make way!



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