Thank you, Oprah

I’ve been walking and listening to podcasts by Oprah Winfrey. She has these amazing and enlightened souls sharing all of the wisdom they’ve learned. It makes walking easier, and I end up better for it.

The past two days I’ve summarized what I’ve heard and learned from Marianne Williamson and Carolyn Myss. These women are doing soul work.

Here are my summaries…

“Today’s walk and healing talk?

The instrument to heal is the soul.

Think of someone you or something you cannot forgive.

Imagine they come up to you and say “I’m

Sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.”

The thing is…

That isn’t


Why didn’t

That clean


The table.

It’s that the “I never meant to

Hurt You” goes to your soul and

Your souls says,” What do you mean

You never meant

To hurt me? WHAT?”

Let’s redo the scene.

Imagine the person coming up to

You and saying,”I need

To speak

With you. I consciously


What I was doing. I knew it. I heard my


Tell me


To do it and it didn’t

Matter to me. I sinned

Against you.


I know

The actions

Of what I did changed the course of

Your life. I knew what I was doing. It was

Conscious. And how much it hurt you did not stop me.

This is not a boo boo.


Not an apology.

I knew what I was doing was wrong and I did it anyway.

I’m asking


Your forgiveness.”

THAT is what heals.

THAT is what gets the sword out of your soul.

And if the people who hurt you do not have the ability or compassion or courage or love to see the hurt and damage they’ve done to your soul…

Forgive them, as Jesus commanded.

Then go far far away and find the ones who love you.”

~Carolyn Myss

“The universe is like a house.

We are all the lamps.

The light doesn’t light up unless it’s plugged in.

If I identify only with me, I’m only the lamp.

If i identify with others, I’m the light shining from the energy because I’m plugged in.

The universe is intentional.

The acorn doesn’t say I’m going to become an oak tree. It is just there, ready to become used for the larger intention of life.

The universal imprint is in life Itself.

First the cell actualizes to be the best it can be. Then the cells work together, and then it becomes part of the higher functioning for the higher good of organs, and then the self body.

What happened to my cells?


Cancer cells are not interested in a actualization, collaboration and service.

It disconnects from the universe and is like a lamp that isn’t plugged in.

When we do things for ourselves, we become transactional instead of relational.

Thy will be done is the highest relational moment.

How can I help others?

Dear spirit, use me.

Dear God, use me.

The tool to accomplish this is relationship.

If I’m only thinking of me, then I want to receive only for me, and I’m not aligned.

I go into relationships to get what i want.

Which is really saying

“How do i get others to do what I need to get

What i want?”

As lamps, you’re on your table and I’m in mine. But enlightened, our light from the lamps reaches all the corners of the earth.

Think of Waves. I’m afraid of the ocean. Would I be afraid of others Waves, or would I realize I AM the ocean.

The universe assigns relationships.

We are all assigned all the time. We ask what our purpose is and where should we be and what should we do. Instead, we are right where we should be and with who we should be all the time. But that doesn’t mean we always like each other.

It means we have the best opportunity to

Grow from each other. Right when we feel things are Going well, the universe sends us things or people who we see as challenging or hard or hurtful.

Relationships are opportunities to heal the soul.

When a person shows you their wounds, their triggers, which are no different than a boo boo on a child. The ego mind resists God and is all about self, and sees the wounds as character defects. We say, “Man, you’re rude. You’re needy.” We resist the relationship.

But the enlightened person says, “You’re wounded. Would God reject the wounded. It doesn’t mean I need to be with you,

But to stand by not in judgement but in love. The purpose is for us to stand and learn and evolve beyond the cancer thought.”

That’s what is happening now in the world.

We can choose our encounters.

Wake up and ask, “What would you have me say? Do? And to whom?”

Either God is in everyone or God is in no one.

The highest thought is not I “am Unique.”

The highest thought is “I am like everyone else.”


We heal.

What happens with cancer is cells start protecting the cancer and tumor. That’s like us when we hang on to negative thoughts.

We may not be evolved enough to not have the bad thoughts of others come to us, but instead, not protect it by talking about it and sending texts. Don’t let self hatred pose as self love.

We all have a tendency to perceive without love.

We all have wounds. Betrayal, unkindness.

Plug in and pray for those who hurt you and train your muscles, so eventually our muscles are trained and we rest and take a stand for self love.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t fall off and get it wrong and do things we Wish we hadn’t done.

But we can learn and get better.

My love will free me.

I am a lamp through which this light is meant to shine. The lamp doesn’t choose where the light shines.

It just shines on everyone.

The people who have achieved the most in the world have achieved a fraction of what is potential in all of us.

There may be shadows.

But you?

You shines the light.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”

-today’s walk with maryianne Williamson and Oprah.”

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