The Mederi Way

So what did I talk about with the interview?

The purpose of this video is to reach other practitioners.



Donnie Yance is brilliant. He has spent the past twenty five years learning and studying and researching.

My Chinese herbalist is brilliant and has learned about herbs and which ones heal which cells.

What will happen to me when these men retire and are no longer available?

And how did these two brilliant men BOTH end up on my team?

Why can’t these two men be on EVERYONES team?

For the better good.

Thy will be done.

How are you using me, God, for the better good?

Donnie is starting an online course for practitioners to learn the Mederi Way. How healing can be gentle, can be supplements and herbs and exercise and diet and spiritual growth in conjunction with the medicine to work synergistically to heal the cancer, and the life and soul.

Make more Donnie’s, so there can be more Keri’s.

It’s not easy, this work.

It’s definitely not cheap, this program.

But is it worth it?

Is it worth being here to teach Maddie to drive?

Is it worth being here to see Morgan not care about her bald spot and ask me to box braid her hair?

Is it worth is to see Quinn sail by himself on a boat?

Is it worth it to hear stories from Donnie of people who may not be free from cancer but have been able to love and live and thrive?


So, I told my story.

I cried.

I told a man how much I love Donnie and Erin and the Mederi Staff.

I told a man how my husband listens to every call and can remember the hope spark Donnie told us when I can’t sleep.

I told a man how i used to see my job as a parent as to protect them from all pain, but isn’t my job to actually raise humans who are empathetic and kind and resilient? And with Mederis help, although I dont wish cancer on any family, my children are stronger and kinder than most others I know.

Yes, we are more mindful with money because this is expensive. But maybe someday more doctors will offer this, and insurance will start to cover this program.

So that others will have hope.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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