Thank you, Staples!

The birds are singing and there is a woodpecker knocking away.

I dont mind though. I’m breathing deep as I lay in bed, remembering the story of the man who got up at sunrise every morning to hear the birds sing, as that was when there was the most oxygen in the air. He went into remission from stage four cancer and continues to listen to the birds sing to this day.

Yesterday was a good day.

I was surprised at the end of the day with an award and a little box of scissors, copy paper, pens, and markers. The local Staples gave me the #1 teacher award and said they’ve had customers and staff talk about me. A few other teachers in the district were receiving it too, (but she was going today to some of the others, so I’m not spoiling the surprise.) All the teachers I work with deserve it, and I accepted it with pride, then texted my parents and rob.

Then rob and I went to “Rotary Uncorked”. We go every year, and it’s a great way to begin the summer season. There are representatives from all of the wineries and breweries, as well as the best restaurants. You go from table to table and taste and sample from everyone. I cant drink alcohol anymore, but the food was outstanding. I also have come to know and love some of the owners and chefs, and got hugs from Marc LaMaina from Lucharitos, Stephen Bogardus from the Halyard, and Jerry from Jerry and the Mermaid. I love where I live, and love the people who make it special.

I also got to see so many people I know. I dont get out much anymore because I’m so tired at night, but this was from 6-9 pm, and man, it was so lovely to hug people and talk to adults and hang out with Rob and laugh.

It felt like the “Old Keri”, but with water in my wine glass.

We got a text from Madison’s coach that she crushed it at Divisions, and came in tenth place overall. Not bad for a girl who only started racewalking this year. She and one of her best friends crossed the finish line with each other, and I love that they have each other.

I’m off to teach, and today is E day. I’ll be eating in the cafeteria with the kids and exercising with yoga, and we will read an excellent Eric Carle book. It’s exciting , even though I’m exhausted:

My friend Eileen has been texting me and I’ve kept it private, but she posted yesterday so I am asking everyone to pray for Johanna, her daughter. She is having yet another surgery on her brain, and continues to have doctors describe her as a miracle. I’m praying so hard for them all.

Today may we all pray for healing and excellent news for us all.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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