Smiles and heartbreak

Today is Valentines Day. People will get cards and flowers and tokens of love. They’ll say “I love you” a little bit more than usual.

There are many people in my town who are grieving today. The loss of a life is always so hard. But this one seems harder.

A police officer.

A friend.

A son.

A husband.

A local.

Someone who lived up to his nickname….”Smiles”.

I’ve read in the past this particular saying that keeps coming to my mind.

“Grief is just love with no place to go.”

The amount of pain and grief is palpable in my town, on Facebook, in texts and phone calls.

It shows how loved he is.

Not was… but is.

The transition of life from here to heaven doesn’t stop the love.

Living with stage four cancer has cleared my vision. Things become cut and dry eventually in many aspects of life.

You see what’s important.

Who shows up.

Your circle becomes clear, and you appreciate those who decided to stay.


You love those people fiercely and deeply.

It doesn’t mean you don’t send love to everyone, but those in the circle feel it every day… not just on a holiday with red hearts and flowers.

Perhaps though, the holiday is a good reminder to love a little louder, a deeper, a little stronger, a little softer.

To not wait until it’s too late.

To hold those who show up a little closer, and focus on their love.

To be generous with your love and kindness everyday.

To remember a love you had, and know that love never dies. The physical form may be shed, but the light is eternal.

On this Valentine’s Day, I send you all love. Thank you for showing up here every day and sending me your love back.

I feel it… truly.

I love you.

May we all be healed.

May we all find peace.

May we all be surrounded in love.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

One thought on “Smiles and heartbreak

  1. May we all be healed.
    May we all find peace.
    May we all be surrounded in love.
    In Jesus’s name, amen.
    Inspirational words for those of us who are sick or have loved ones who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses.
    Happy Valentines Day to a beautiful strong woman!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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