Parent Conferences and a New Jesus Story

Twelve and a half hours.

That’s what I worked yesterday.

Even though it’s an incredibly long day, I always come home exhausted yet happy. I’m able to tell the parents their child is safe, happy, loved, plays, has friends, and knows more than they did three months ago.

That’s what report cards in kindergarten should look like.

It’s also a time where I’m given new information and things become clearer. It’s a privilege to be told things and an honor to try and help.

It ended up being one big love fest, and it usually ended in hugs. I’m so lucky.

I have just a few more today, then I’m off to see Madame Swoosh again. I’m still waiting for the CARIS report, but we’ve gotten a definitive cancer diagnosis so I’ll go get swooshed and have energy blocks removed.

I got three new books in the mail about Jesus and healing. I read yesterday in Matthew 15 a story I dont ever remember hearing before. Jesus was resting, and a woman who was gentile came and asked for healing for her daughter. Because of who she was, coming from a people who were the arch enemies of Israel, the disciples said to send her away. She was desperate and continued to ask Jesus for healing. He responded that He was only sent for the children of Israel, and it is not right to take the leftover scraps from the children and toss it to the dogs.

I was like…”Whoa… was Jesus a jerk? Did He compare this woman with a sick daughter to a dog? All because of her faith being different and where she came from?”

But I read on, as the mother pressed on. She didn’t give up. Any mother fighting for her child never gives up. She pressed on, humbly, tenaciously and with sagacity. She called Him Lord, and even though He referred to her as a dog, she continued to remind Him that He is the Son of David, and we keep requesting what we need until it comes. She asked three times for help, and Jesus then gives it.

No matter where you come from, if you go to Him, He will listen and give you what you need… even if it takes a lifetime.

He told her she had great faith, and He went on to be open to everyone.

That’s the Jesus I know and love.

Tomorrow we are all getting our hair cut, even me. It’s still falling out, but I look like Mr Heat Miser, so perhaps a shaping will help.

We are having a quiet thanksgiving at home, and then maybe will hop in the car for dessert visits. I’m thankful for so much in my life, and Thanksgiving Always helps put the focus back on the blessings.

Today, may the rest of the conferences be as loving, the healing continue, and the swooshes be miraculous.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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