My Birthday Trip to NYC

Yesterday was a day that brought back “pre cancer” mom to my kids.

We started the day by picking up Morgan from her first friend sleepover ever. She was over the moon and so happy. I had wanted to get an early start to the day, but Morgan didn’t want to get a zero for her confirmation class and church attendance. I had a discussion with my Pastor that I told Morgan I don’t care about her church grades, and I believe Jesus doesn’t care either. He only cares that she is learning the Word and leading with love. Pastor talked to her and said to go and miss class. So off we went and got the early start.

We took the kids to the Empire State Building on Madison Avenue. It’s where rob took me on our first date and we had our first kiss on the escalator there. That’s how Madison got her name. (Morgan tells everyone she is named after the Captain…).

It was awe inspiring to see what mans hands can build, and looking at the pictures in the museum made you appreciate the effort of those men all those years ago. It wasn’t windy or cold, and we saw the beautiful skyline all around us. The kids loved it.

Afterwards we walked to Bryant Park. Maddie and Quinn got pocket watches at the Empire State Building, but Morgan remembered a little shop at Bryant park that had handmade leather journals. We found it, and she got the perfect one. I also got one, which had the same fish on the cover that my brother texted me a picture of one week ago that he found when he was cutting wood.

We headed off to Rockefeller center, and decided to check on tickets for the radio city spectacular. We were handed a fifty percent off coupon, and managed to get five cheap seats in the very top at half price. While waiting for the show time, we saw the big tree, walked through the American Girl Store and LEGO Store, then went into St Patrick’s cathedral. I feel such peace there every time and am always drawn to one specific place to pray. It’s inside a wall, with a Saint I’ve never heard of before. It gives me peace.

We went to the show, and it was the best one ever. The kids were so happy, and rob and I whispered to each other and he said he can’t wait to bring our grandchildren to see it with me.

I love him so much.

After the show we went to dinner, then walked almost twenty blocks to the car. I said to rob who would have thought I finished chemo two weeks ago and had a liver biopsy last week.

Today is parent teacher conference day, and I’ll be working for twelve hours straight. If you see a primary teacher, give them a hug. It’s a long day.

I kept praying all day yesterday,

“Thank you for healing me.” I follow a metastatic breast cancer advocate, Kelli Davis. She put up a 118 pictures on Saturday of women who have died from MBC to represent the 118 deaths a day. But then she put up a post and asked for 118 pictures in the comments of 118 Radical responders. I shared it on my page. I kept looking at it all day. That post is everything. It’s full of women who have been through multiple treatments, moments of hopelessness and despair and joy and fear and hope, and helps me breathe. You really should look through it and see what someone with metastatic cancer goes through. It will make you realize why research is so important to us.

Today may more research bring more breakthrough treatments, more healing, easy conferences, and a quick day.

I am healed

I am healed

I am healed

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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