Swoosh Part Deux

I thank God every day for my stamina. It was another long day, with teaching in the morning, parent conferences in the afternoon, getting a call that he top specialist in Dana Farber wants to see me Friday at five pm in Boston, then driving to see Madame Swoosh, Odyle.

This time was very different.

The energy between us changed and I felt it as soon as I walked in. I used to be nervous and in awe, but now?

She feels like an old friend, or family member, or even odder, as a peer.

We both discussed how we can’t believe the biopsy results. She asked how I felt and I stated I don’t feel like there is cancer in me, even when my neck and back hurt. She said my eyes don’t look like I have disease. She is confused.

I laid down and she got right to work.

Even as she worked she said she still doesn’t understand what is going on. She said she still didn’t feel the cancer. She said she felt the very strong medicine (tamoxifen), and in fact it made her nose run and itch. It was the strangest thing, so much so that her daughter asked if she needed a Kleenex but she said no, it was the strong medicine she felt affecting her body, and when we finished her nose completely stopped running.She said she was giving me all her energy and in fact, overloaded me with energy, like there was a mattress of energy is surrounding me.

As she swooshed, she said she wanted to tell me a beautiful story of the last time she was here. She asked if I believed that anything was possible. I said yes, and that’s why I came to her. She said a woman came to her who needed a liver transplant and was very very sick. After seeing Odyle she went to her doctor and was told a miracle happened, she didn’t need the transplant anymore and her husband called them sobbing. He said it was because of her. Then she looked me into the eye and said that stories like that is what made her want to give all of her energy to me last night.


As she began to work on my breast, I told her I’ve been getting sharp stabbing pains in the left breast the last two days. It takes my breath away sometimes. She said the medicine I’m on now is very powerful and has a powerful effect on me. I said it is meant to block estrogen and the initial biopsy came back as 90% estrogen driven. Maybe it is killing all of the dead tumor left in my breast and when they take another scan, there won’t be any sign left if it. She said that it may be working, but I need to watch my kidneys, drink a lot of water, and it will affect the joints on me, so be prepared. I told her about yoga and she said yes, do it.

When she got to the top of my left leg, suddenly I felt tingling in my left foot. It got stronger and stronger as she swooshed down my leg, and when she got to my foot, she pressed and it was like she swooshed it out. As she went to my right leg, it started again on my right foot. I told her what was happening and she said it’s because I was electrically charged.


She asked me how old I wanted to live and I said 86. She was shocked and asked why. I said because I know that then I will have lived had a full life. She said not her, she is tired. I said I hope she lives a long time because of her swooshing and she laughed. She said her mom lived to see 93 years old and it was perfect.


I’ve gone to her several times now, and have never had an experience like yesterday. I literally felt her giving me all of the energy through her hands into each part of my body, piece by piece, and she spent time on my brain as well. It was warm and comforting yet powerful.

When she finished we had the debrief. Again, she is confused and didn’t feel the cancer like last time. Then she did something she never did before.

She asked if she could take a picture of my liver. I laid back down, pulled up my shirt, she framed her hands on my body where the liver is, and her daughter Maryne took a picture on her iPad. Then Odyle told Maryne to stand at me feet and take a picture of my whole body, then again stand by my head and take another. I flipped over and they took another set of pictures.

She told me to call her after my appointment with Dana Farber on Friday, and also again when the Caris results come back. She said to contact her by email after she goes back and to continue to let her know what is happening. She said she will continue to work on me even when she goes back home. I asked if I should come back again and she said not this trip, but in May when she is back in the states.

She said to not get scared if I feel things in my body, because it will be her sending me energy.

That’s how you know a true healer. She didn’t ask me to come back again and again to get money, and isn’t asking for money for this distant healing work.

I then decided I was going to ask her a question that I knew sounded crazy, but that’s kind of my life now.

I said I know things now. I can know of things happening and not even be there. I can also sense pain and sickness in some people. I saw my friend last week and told her that I felt her energy was down and I said she wasn’t taking care of herself. I gave her my juice, nuts, berries, and my yogurt. When I made my thermos of soup Monday morning I had her name come into my head and I knew I had to make an extra soup thermos for her. When I got to work, she was sick, and I gave her the soup. I had felt her sickness coming in last week.

Another friend came to my mind Monday and I wanted to text her but then a parent walked in. So I texted her yesterday and asked how she was. She was on her way home from surgery and said I always seem to check in on her when things happen.

I asked Odyle what was happening. She said I already know.

She said she told me the first time she met me, remember? She said I am directly connected to God and am a healer, and will heal many people.

I asked how she learned to swoosh, and if that’s what is happening to me.

She said after her stage four cancer, it just came to her. She didn’t learn it, she just knew. She said to not think about what type of healing, it will come. I asked if I could use it on myself, and she said no. She can’t use her energy swooshing on herself, only others. But that is the gift. She said she felt my energy and her energy are very powerful together, and then my energy when combined with others will be powerful.

I can feel that sometimes, and even yesterday I laid hands on someone who had hip surgery and she said she felt it.

I told her my children loved her and she lit up and said she loves them so much. I told her Maddie was thrown off by her energy, and was nervous when she went to tell Maddie something as she said goodbye but stopped herself. She remembered and said she was going to tell her that if she wanted to be a professional athlete, she had it in her, but knew Maddie was nervous and sometimes you don’t tell someone everything. She said to give them hugs and kisses from her.

She said I need to continue to keep the strong belief in my mind that no cancer is there. She knows it is hard, especially when around doctors. But to keep living above the cancer matrix.

I thanked her for seeing all of the people I am sending her, as she saw one friend Sunday and will see two more Friday, with more calling this week.

I am keeping her busy.

Maybe that’s the healing, sharing knowledge and healing and faith and Jesus.

Rob and I went to dinner, then food shopping at 8:00. We decided on Sunday morning we would be having a small thanksgiving at my house and finalized it last night. Just his parents and my parents, as all of the siblings are hosting as well.

Today will be a day of cleaning, and hair cuts with Raquel and Ashley at Gabriel Loren Salon, which means lots of laughs.

I also have to get together all of my medical records for my trip to Boston Friday to see their top specialists. I was upset to lose my full four day weekend of rest, but thankful I don’t have to take off of work to go, and glad I can get it over with quickly. I’ll be seeing their specialist at 5:00 pm Friday, and am glad I have all of the extra swoosh energy in me to help me when I have to hear doctors tell me terminal and depressing words.


Today may I get all the paperwork I need, clean my house, have my hair shaped so I dont look like Mr Heat Miser anymore, and maybe decorate for Christmas. May the energy continue to heal, and may Jesus continue fill my body with healed cells and DNA.

I am healed

I am healed

I am healed

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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