Round 8

I haven’t updated as much here. The higher chemo kicked my ass a bit, and I’ve been busy gearing up for school. I did much better than anticipated though, and went in yesterday for another round.

I didn’t sleep much last night, but I’m up and in another detox bath.

We decided we would watch and wait on the neulasta, If my count drops below a 1, then I’ll take it. It’s a concern as I am around small children, and I am immune compromised due to chemo.

I was worried about the neutrophil count being low and the neulasta issue… until I just checked my ANC levels from the past two years.

Yesterday I was 1.47.

I’ve been as low as 1.07 during the height of flu season and sailed through. I’m actually higher than I was for several months when I was on Ibrance.

I stopped sploosh this summer, but I think im going to go back to it. It’s a great way to get Manuka honey, cinnamon and dark berries in to my body. Donnie’s medicinal smoothie is a bit rough on the taste buds, so I’ll make that as an afternoon happy hour drink.

When I went to the meetinghouse deli by my school yesterday, I realized it was my last time going in for breakfast and lunch for chemo, as now I’ll be working all morning at school and heading in for afternoon sessions. The ladies there sent me on my way every time and didn’t charge us. The fact that they made my food with love and gave it with hugs and bible verses helped me more than they know.

When I got to the cancer center, I saw another patient who I’ve bonded a bit over wigs. I wore my new pink one, and she loved it. I realized something recently that made me upset. When I was told about chemo starting and losing my hair, I freaked about my hair. White women spend a lot of money of dying, cutting etc. When thrown a cancer diagnosis, and chemo, and hair loss, women panic and spend whatever is needed to try and retain a “normal” look.

Wig places will also tell you that you can be reimbursed by insurance, so you don’t feel as bad spending a lot of money.

Here’s the thing.

When I was speaking to a girlfriend who is African American, she was like…”You spent HOW much??? And that’s SYNTHETIC?? Girrrrrl… let me tell you about online wigs…”

For some women, wigs and weaves are commonplace. My eyes were opened and I was given tips and ideas, and I went online and was shocked at the price difference.


And angry, because man… the wig I got online is fabulous, I watched a video on how to cut the front lace, and I love it. It’s obviously a wig because it’s pink, but I may try another one in an everyday color just to check. If it’s just as amazing as the one we spent an obscene amount of money on…

When I’m better, I’ll help white women with cancer learn how to navigate online wig shopping and save a boatload of money.

Thank God for my girlfriend and her hair secrets.

Apparently when you put black and white together…

You get pink hair.

I handed out the pumpkin muffins and bread and it was a hit. I love the staff at the cancer center. They’ve become my friends, and I always feel happy to see everyone.

I was proud of myself when I asked for the orders for me to be changed from One anti nauseau med to another, as well as having the courage to refuse a medication. It’s hard to advocate for yourself, and patients don’t like to look like we are questioning. But we know our bodies best, and if you’re at a good place, you will be listened to when you speak up.

I love my nurses.

The port was accessed easy peasy, and there were no steroids at all this time. I sailed through the taxol and ended earlier than ever as I only had the one chemo agent. I’m still waiting on my CA125 Numbers, but they will be lower.

Rob was my rock again, and he may not slip glass slippers on my feet, be he is totally my Prince Charming.

I cried a little when I was sent a picture of Morgan at her middle school orientation. I was sad I was in a chemo chair instead of with her, but that made my blood pressure start to rise so I had to put the picture away and breathe.

We left the hospital, I had a salad at home, made rob a birthday lasagna, and went to school for the last minute items. Then we had dinner, and I took a two hour detox bath while listening to a podcast and getting back to peoples messages about cancer help.

There have been a lot lately…

A… lot.

I keep praying that the science breakthroughs happen sooner than later, and that western and eastern medicine and naturopaths and healers all get together and work in one circle.

Today I’ll keep detoxing, go for a walk, head to dress barn for an outfit for school, get kids a new outfit, and then rest.

Maybe even suggest Dress Barn change it’s name to Dress Boutique because really… what women wants to say they went into a barn to get clothes…

May today bring more healing for everyone who needs it, a super low CA 125, higher ANC, and great dresses.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

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