It was a marvelous night for a moon dance…

I woke up yesterday and spent and hour and a half detoxing in the tub while water bombing. I’m actually heading in to the tub to detox again this morning. More and more hair keeps coming out. I’m just not ready for the Mr Clean look.

I brought a dear friend with me to the Giving Room and Paula and the staff did their magic with juices. I had an açaí bowl and sweeeeet momma… it was amazing. I also tried the spicy carrot sauerkraut for probiotic and it was spicy yet tolerable. I came home with two jars of cookies from Alli Katz Kitchen, chocolate chip and ginger snaps, for the kids when I get them. My children have gotten more women who love them and we are so blessed.

I got a text that one of my former students was having a birthday party today. I went to her birthday three years ago and actually got into the inflatable pool with the kids. I wasn’t sure I could make it today, so I ran Over quick to look at the cupcakes she made. I also had her sister years and years ago, and now she is college, in the same sorority I was in. The student became the sister.

I found myself giving multiple women lessons on how tumors can feel. Mine have become much more defined, and I am having them feel my breasts to see what it feels like.

It’s one thing to teach how to palpate, but I always remember thinking, “But how will I know how a tumor feels?” I no longer look at my breasts like they are these hot sexy things. I see them as teaching tools. Seriously. If you want to know how to palpate and find a tumor, I’m your girl. It’s easy to find them now, as they take up half of my breast. But soon?

They’ll be gone… so if you want a lesson, just ask. Truly.

Rob came home for lunch and we went through my protocol. We went ahead and ordered my first month, and will be figuring out possible substitutions with my friends. I have to keep faith that all of this has come to me and is in God’s plan for my life.

I went to the farm to pick up my CSA and has a lovely talk with a Valley Stream native, whose mom was just at the 50th anniversary party for the barents of my best friend from high school. Amazing.

Then my sister picked me up with her sprites and her new au pair from Germany. I had sent her a snap video of me singing a song I sang for a concert when I was in 12th grade. I sang it again in the car and she said she didn’t recognize it but knew it was German.

We walked to the end of a beach where it came to a point and met with Alli Katz, Paula, Allegra, Laura, Dori, Andrea, and some other women. It was cloudy and windy and the mist was thick. My nieces kept collecting treasures as I sat and just breathed and looked for the moon.

It was the longest lunar eclipse for a century, and we kept praying we would see it. Right as some of the other women started to pack up and leave, Paula, Allegra and I started to sing a song we learned a few months ago. Wouldn’t you know, we saw a light peeking out from behind the clouds, and then?

We saw the beautiful moon.

Of course.

We all cheered and yelled and clapped and sang.

Soon we packed up and my sister and I sang a laurie Berkner song about the moon and how it takes care of me as we walked the long walk back to the car.

I pretended to call the moon, and santa, and told my nieces stories and made up songs. They are adjusting to my wig, and want me to get pink and purple and blue wigs.

I’ll do it.

If there is any way to make this journey seem magical instead of scary…

I’ll do my best for the sprites.

I came home and rob and I hung out with Joe. They lost game two and have to win today to advance to the finals. I’m selfish and want him to win so he stays with us longer.

They finally put up more pictures of the camp at 11:30 last night. When I look at morgan she seems happy. I’m not getting as much of that feeling with Maddie and Quinn. I’ll be happy to see them all today at 5:00 when they get home. I’m hoping to not crash so hard today and instead feel well when I get them. I’m sure they’ll need showers and I’ll have lots of laundry.

Today may my children have safe travels home, may the Tomcats win, and may I feel well as my body heals.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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