It’s been a few days, as we went to pick up my kids from Camp Kesem, and I spent the next few days just holding them, and doing my best to show them I am doing well.

We celebrated our summer son’s birthday, by going to see Paula and staff at The Giving Room, playing with alpacas, and having cake at the end of game two of the championship series.

Today is chemo day again.

Cycle two day eight.

Round five.

Im up and about to start drinking water life a fish. I’m packing a sweatshirt to keep arms warm and going to run up and down the stairs when I get there so I can get my blood pumping. I’m praying for one good clean painless stick today when they try to find a good vein. I appreciate any and all good prayers.

Yesterday was bittersweet. We hung out with Joe, played spoons, and then he went off to his last game. I prepped for the next few days and made cucumber onion salads, tuna Mac salads, a zucchini blueberry bread and a zucchini chocolate chip bread.

We headed off to the game and it was amazing. The Tomcats stayed in the lead the whole game. They brought Joe in and he started pitching at 5:55.

He did well, and another closer finished the game. When they won everyone was cheering and clapping.

I looked at their manager, Patti. This woman volunteers half of her summer and so much more time for these young men. She puts her heart and soul into these boys for the love of the game. You want to meet someone with a big huge heart?

Go to a game next year and meet Patti.

She had the host kids bring out the trophy and had baseball caps for all the host kids.

It’s a memory many of these kids won’t ever forget.

They even did the whole ice bucket over Patti, and she was overwhelmed. It was a total fairy tale ending.

We hugged goodbye to Joe’s family, and Joe went home. He will be back to get his things, but it felt more final.

We came home, had dinner, and went to bed.

Quinn climbed into bed and held his camp Kesem caterpillar and cried as he snuggled me. I knew it would be hardest on him. I explained to him how this is actually a good thing, because three months ago we didn’t even know Joe, and now?

Quinn answered…”He is part of our family.”

It’s hard for him because he also has me going to chemo all day. His summer big brother leaves and next day mom is in the hospital all day.

Happy summer, kid.

I’m bringing him and Morgan to my moms, and Maddie has a trip with her camp. He will get extra love and snuggles today.

I got a textbook to start reading from Donnie today, and got about four supplements. I didnt get the chemo cocktail tea, so I’ll do my whole routine of deli, school hugs, badass bunny socks and frozen peas and blueberries.

My new wig is in, so today I get to pick up Bambi.

I’m gaining more weight from the steroids, so going bald and gaining all this weight is challenging, especially because I had gotten to a healthy weight last year, nine years after my last baby. I know I should embrace the whole “Thank God I’m still

Here and who cares about the weight and hair?” But it still stinks. Hearing people say to be grateful for it doesn’t help. “Be thankful you are still here….”

Easy for others when they have no clue what it’s like.

Today’s lesson is to never trivialize when people are sad about something.

Just send love.

A pet dies after fifteen years? Instead of telling someone to be glad they had fifteen years, send them love.

A grandma passes at 98? Instead of telling them to be thankful they had so many years, send them love.

A woman loses her hair and gains weight and feels like she is going to look like Kojak? Instead of telling her to be thankful she is still alive and it will grow back someday, hold her hand and send her love.


Lesson over.

Please pray for me to sail through the chemo and IV placement, for Rob to continue to be strong, Quinn to have an easier day, Maddie to have a good trip, and Morgan to keep that happy spirit.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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