The Lion and the Lamb

Wooooooo…. let me tell you.

A detox bath can let it all out.

Apparently, every fear and feel can come out when alone in a detox bath.

My mind keeps telling me that the left breast is firmer and there are more lumps I am feeling under the skin. Which then leads to my mind telling me that the all the horrible things will be coming sooner than later.

Add on the stress of assessments for report cards, writing report cards, formal observation today, blood work Monday, PETMRI scan in eleven days, results three days later, middle of round 14 chemo, bones telling me we are in for a big storm tomorrow, and being a mom raising three kids in a world where other parents aren’t doing the same job I am while the news is all about guns and schools…

It’s amazing how life continues.

It’s March 1st today.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

So true.

I’ve always loved the quote about the man in the arena.

I feel like I’m in the arena, surrounded by circling lions, soothing each one to sleep as it comes near.

My prayer is that it goes out like a lamb at the end of the month, which is fitting, as the first day of April is Easter.

The lamb that was slain for the sins of the world.

Jesus is also the lion, the lion of Judah.

Roaring with power, fighting our battles.

The lion and the lamb.

The chronicles of Narnia is a book I think I would like to read. I looked at some quotes today and discovered some amazing quotes. I’ll share them with you.

Today, if you hear a lion roaring, maybe don’t run.

Maybe think it’s Jesus, fighting our battles for us.

It’s been a crazy week at school. It’s spirit week, so every day we are all dressed up in a theme. Yesterday we even had the NY Islanders come with representatives and mascot. I was selected to come up and do a challenge, and at the end I went yo to tell the representative how much it would mean to my dad to see that I was with the Islanders. He was a huge fan when I grew up, and painted cars on the side. Mike Potvin, Bobby Nystrom, Clark Gillies, all came to my house. He drove them in their first Stanley cup parade around the coliseum.

As I told her, she said I must be a Nassau County girl. When I told her my high school her eyes widened. We realized I graduated with her brother. I told her to thank her brother for me for the fundraiser last year where my class raised money for my herbs, and I told her not only herbs saved me, but Jesus. She said she was born again.

An amazing conversation happened in three minutes behind a school curtain all because a dragon pulled me up for a demonstration.

See how Jesus works?

Today, may we all let the lion of Judah roar, and the other lions sleep.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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