Calamity and Craziness with Christ at the Center

Today is Crazy Mismatch day in school. Hubs said it’s right up my alley. I think he is leaving early on purpose before I finish getting ready so his eyes won’t hurt.

Yesterday was Superhero/Sport team jersey day. As I looked around my room I saw mini superheroes in full costume, as well as mini hall of of famers. We even kicked off a new writing unit in persuasive writing, and walked around the building writing down and asking people what problems they want us to solve.

We were superheroes, after all.

I think everyone forgets that they have a superhero inside of them all the time. You don’t need a cape to be a superhero, or need to find a superhero to get through hard times.

I found Jesus.

But listen…just because you have Jesus, doesn’t mean that calamity won’t come.

It will.

But with Jesus, you can find peace and breathe when you want to cry and scream.

It’s all in timing too. It’s promised that because I have given myself to Him, I will have everlasting life in Heaven. No pain, no sickness, just love.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

He will definitely heal me totally and for forever. I just won’t know about if it will happen and I will stay in complete remission for the next forty five years or so while here on Earth. But once I get to heaven, I know it’s healing forever.

While I’m here, I have to stay with Him and listen. If I call on Him to be with me, I’ve got to trust in Him and listen to what He says.

It’s like parenting and having teens and adult children living with you.

If you want to live in my house, you follow my rules.

There is a passage where he speaks of building a house. If you listen to Him, and build your house, your life, on solid ground…when calamity comes, your house will stand strong. But if you build it on sand, without care, and don’t follow His word, it will be washed away.

Keep Christ centered, the cornerstone, and you can withstand any storm.

That’s why Rob named his new business DS Cornerstone Construction.

Amidst all the calamity and craziness that may come, keep Christ in the center, and you can withstand any storm.

Today, may we all keep Him in the center of of our lives and hearts.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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