Salty Sisters

I bought a Groupon weeks ago for the Salt Cave on Main Street and just haven’t been able to make it. With the joint pain, rain, and feeling the cold coming on, plus a week coming up packed with activities, I figured yesterday was a good day to try it out.

I had mentioned to my sister I may go, and she said she would come with me.

As we grow older, we spend less time with our siblings. Whether it’s activities with our own children or where we live, our lives get so busy. I was glad she said she could make the appointment.

We walked in and a former student I had in first grade about seventeen years ago or so works there. It’s a small big town I live in.

I joked that the student will now become the teacher, and he led us into the room.

There were two women already in the beach chairs covered up with blankets, sitting very quiet. The lights were low and there was soft music.

We sat in the chairs and then it started.

Jill looked at me.

Then made a face.

Suddenly, we were three and six years old again, trying to sleep during nap time, but making faces at each other instead of going to sleep and trying not to snort laugh at each other.

She brought out a container of pepper.

“S-S-salt n pepper’s HERE and were in effect, working up a sweat!”

I had to go under my blanket and not look at her at one point.

Eventually, as it usually happens with children, we were able to sit quietly and I think I actually dozed off. When the time was up, one of the other ladies who had been sitting so quietly asked me…”Are you Keri?”


She knew me from the Crossfit gym I used to go to at five in the morning. Have I mentioned I live in the biggest small town there is?

We talked a little and I was so glad I didn’t snort or laugh out loud.

They left the room and I quick laid down and made a salt angel. There are tons of benefits to salt therapy, and one hour in the cave is equal to one week at a beach. It’s good for blood pressure, inflammation, sinuses… so I made sure I got at least one good roll around in the salt. Even put my feet in the salt too for grounding, while not thinking about anyone else who may have put their feet in the salt too.

We left, and then ran to my dads house quick. We used to live in Valley Stream, and a neighbor brought his son to meet my dad. My dad was the “cool car guy” on the block when I was growing up, and this man’s son loves cars and just got his first car. It was great to see him and meet his son. I even threw change in his new car, and his dad said to never get rid of the change, because it’s coins from Keri. I have to admit, it felt nice to hear that. I laid my hand on his car and prayed over it when he was talking to my dad. Then I left.

I went to pick up Quinn from a friends house and spent some time talking with another mom. My son has some good friends, and their moms are just as great.

We decided to go to Cowfish to celebrate all the great things going on in our lives. Maddie made high honor roll again, which isn’t an easy feat with the AP classes and honor classes. She was also picked for some special Latin competition next month. Morgan has her big dance recital today, and Quinn got a 100 on a spelling test.

We always can find something to celebrate.

We played the parking lot game and got the best parking spot. We always get the best parking spot…

Quinn even got to open the special envelope we got months ago and we got 25% off of our bill. I spoke with our waitress who has become a friend. We’ve been discussing life and it is always so nice to see her. That’s what happens when you get to see people every so often often. You check in with each other, and see progress.

Progress is always good. When we look back at where we were all those yesterday’s ago…

Progress is good.

We went food shopping after then came home.

Another busy day.

Today we have church, then I’m heading to the Giving Room. We’ve got Morgan’s recital tonight, and I have a very busy week this week. I’ve had some rib pain, but saw my chaga friends Deb and Bridget yesterday and they helped me feel better about it. It’s probably a pulled muscle, and I’ve been running like a nut during chemo and flu season.

Hence the Giving Room trip today.

A girl needs her flu shot juices to make it through the hundredth day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and an oncology appointment.

Today may we all be the salt of the earth, and sprinkle good words onto everyone we meet. May we find some time today to rest and prepare for the week, so that it can be a week full of love, peace, joy and healing.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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