Throwback…”Dear God, Please and Thank You”

I’ve been down with a cold while living life. Here is last year’s post…

“Dear God, please and thank you”

While having a really rough week, I kind of stopped talking to God as much as I have been.

I was then reminded to put my faith in him on Wednesday.

I prayed.

I prayed to sleep well.

I prayed to find a way to see my doctor.

I prayed to find a way to not get sick from the abundance of sickness in my classroom.

I prayed for my doctor to feel my breast and say I’m the tumors were smaller.

I prayed to not feel so nauseous and headache and dizzy.

Guess what?

I’ve been sleeping.

My doctor called and got me in on Wednesday, after we had already called on Tuesday and were told no rescheduling would be possible.

We’ve gotten a blizzard from out of nowhere and I will not be in my classroom for four days.

My doctor felt my breast and noticed softness and shrinkage.

No headache, dizzyness, nausea yesterday.

People… listen.

Start talking to God.

Don’t just ask him for things, but thank him too.

If your glass is half full, thank God for your water and watch him fill it up…(with high PH balanced water too…)

I’m heading back into bed to until it’s time for my medicine and magic potion.

I’ll be thanking God for all of his blessings He has given me, and asking Him to fully take away the cancer.

Listen, if He can make the multiple miracles happen that just happened over the past two days… this cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

I am cured.

I am cured .

I am cured.


My dog is also waiting for me in my bed for me to do more reiki on her. Ha!

In Jesus’s name, amen



(I love reading last year’s posts and knowing that the cancer was heading to complete remission, and I didnt even know it.)

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