“We’ve got you, Doll”

Friday flashback.

Last year, the morning post.

“Thank you to anonymous”

“We’ve got you, doll”.

Yes, I have two titles today.

Yes, I have debated whether to write this one, because many of you will believe I am crazy. But that’s nothing new, really… so here I go.

I’ve been blessed my many. I went to pay for Quinn’s morning program yesterday, and my friends who work there paid for it already. Third month in a row.

I had a pretty good day after that. I started to get a headache, but had reflexology, so I was excited.

I booked it for yesterday because today I go for bloodwork, and I feel it will help my blood counts.

When I got to the Peaceful Scorpion, I told Danielle D DeLongis about something that happened to me at Reiki Class Saturday.

Here comes the part where I sound crazy.

On Saturday, at the end of class, we had to keep our eyes closed as the Master Reiki Healer gave us the gift of attunement. I can’t say what she did, as we had to keep them closed the whole time. She told us we may see, smell, hear things. We may get emotional. We may even feel the presence of loved ones.

Hocus pocus, a small part of me thought.

But then, I reminded myself that this is my life on the line and to open myself up.

While my eyes were closed, I heard knocking on the Giving Room Door. I felt that people were in the corner of the room. Then it wasn’t people.

It was my grandma, my grandpa, my dads mom I never met, my dads brother “Uncle Larry”, and even my “Uncle Dennis”.

Behind me?

I felt nanny and poppa.

I heard my nanny’s voice say, “We’ve got you, Doll”.

Poppa said, “it’s okay, babe”.

Babe and doll were their names for me.

Then I smelled incense, I got hot, and I also saw a bright yellow light behind my eyelids. I started crying.

I didn’t open my eyes, because I didn’t want to lose that feeling.

When the healer finished, I asked sandy if she heard the knocking, or felt the incense. She didn’t, but had her own experience.

As I told this to Danielle, she kept nodding her head. She said I wasn’t crazy, and that she had something to tell me.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous called her.

This person read on Facebook how I have decided to stay at The Peaceful Scorpion. This person called up Danielle and told her that he/she is going to pay for all of my treatments. Twice a month.


I sobbed.

Then I got ready for another reflexology session. I lay down on the warm bed, got under the heated blanket, and held two warm rocks over my breasts.

At the end, Danielle brought out her singing bowl and did reiki.

It happened again.

A bright light came into my eyes. But different this time.

The only way to describe it would be it was like Heaven slipping through the cracks of my eyelids on the bottom as they were closed, then filled my eyelid space.

Then my lower back, where my cancer has spread, got very warm. I thought ,”Oh my God, it just left my sacrum”.


Nanny and poppa were at my shoulders. I heard Nanny say,”We’ve got you, doll”.

I started crying again as Danielle continued to lay hands on me.

When she was done and I got dressed. I put the two rocks on the bed and took a picture so Incould remember Nanny and Poppa in that room with me. I apologized for crying while she worked. I told her what happened. I told her it was nice to hear Nanny’s voice again and feel them behind me.

She said she felt my nanny and poppa too.

I came Home and was emotional. I told the kids and Morgan started crying. It has been a hard week for a lot of reasons for her. I assured her that I will be ok, and that we are surrounded by kindness.

I went to Madison’s concerts after. I saw my Aela, a sweet former student who I know has been scared for me. I told her I will be at her high school graduation.

I saw Grace, another former student who is in high school. Her mom Laurie has told me Grace has been upset. Grace told me she had a dream she was shopping and couldn’t find her mom. Then she found me and she was crying. We talked and she knew I would be ok.

I didn’t cry at Maddie’s concert. I sat next to my mom and dad and rob and maddie and morgan, surrounded by former parents and students, watching former students and my girl play instruments and sing. I didn’t cry because I am no longer afraid I won’t be here to see more concerts.

I tucked in the kids, and Maddie asked about if my bloodwork today will show my cancer is shrinking.

I told her yes.

She breathed deep, and said good.

This is harder on them at times than me.

That’s my story.

I told you I would sound crazy.

Crazy and cured.


Thank you to all of my parents and children that I saw last night who hugged me. Once you’re my student, you’re always in my heart.

Thank you to Anonymous, the person on Facebook who had gifted me The Peaceful Scorpion. I have no words for the gift you have given me. Danielle wouldn’t tell me your name. So whoever you are, you are my blessing.

Today at 4:00 I will be in Stonybrook having my blood taken to check my levels.

Rob is coming with me, my parents have my kids, and my loved ones, here on earth and in heaven, will all be with me.

I know it.

I feel it.

I am cured.


In Jesus’s name, amen.



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