Bone Broth and Little Miracles

When I got my labwork, I was just about to gulp down all of the pills and potions. Talk about a bitter pill to swallow.

For some reason, it put me into a panic. Maybe because I had on the news to see if there would be school delays and all they talked about was all the people dying from the flu with commercials about cancer stuck in the middle.

I dropped off Quinn, then Morgan, then cried all the way to work. I dried off my tears in the parking lot, took a deep breath and put on my game face. Hugged a friend as she dropped off one of my students, walked in, and saw a child getting sick.


I never walked through the cafeteria so fast in my life. I got the third message about bone broth in two days, which meant it was a God whisper.

Within an hour of asking for help, I had bone broth dropped off on my stoop, bones being purchased from an organic certified farm upstate, and a chef offering to make me some from one of the fanciest restaurants on the North Fork.

When God shows up, man, he shows up big time.

I emailed my herbalist, and he got right back to me. My formula will be changing this week.

The kids came into the room for recess, and I decided to let them dance some extra moves. My assistant left for the lunch, and the moment my lunchtime ended and she walked out the door, leaving me with a room of squealing dancing kids, my oncologist’s office called. I never answer my phone while in school, but remember, panic mode. What do I do?

I grabbed my phone and suddenly, at my door, was my assistant principal. At the moment I needed to take a call, God sent her to my door.

She took over and I went into the hallway. My nurse explained how even though my counts were low and will probably continue to go lower, they want me to finish this round….but be careful.

This is as I looked through my door window and saw a roomful of sneezing, coughing, sweaty kids wriggling and jumping and dancing.

I promised to keep washing my hands and doing all I can to stay healthy, took a deep breath, then went back to my life.

I came home to more beautiful, fresh organic juices from the Giving Room. I also had three people recommend the same person for acupuncture, a person who apparently I am already friends with on fb.

I have had so many people sent to me this year, and I get so many messages a day, your head would spin. Sometimes I forget who I know and who I have had conversations with.

I also was told that an old friend is having her third baby, a boy, and the child is a miracle. That this child was conceived because I inspired the friend to have another child.

I wonder if he can be named “Keri”.

I crashed on the couch. I watched “Annie Get your Gun” and sent a text to my brother. My Nan and Pop loved MGM musicals, and I remember singing the “Anything You can do I can do better” song with him.

Then it ended and the scariest Little

House on the Prairie episode came on, “Sylvia”. I texted the same friend I hugged that morning, as she is a big LHOTP fan too. I mean, what little girl didn’t have a crush on Almonzo, and wear her hair in pigtails braids?

I also made a new friend. Next to my school is a new restaurant, and he has offered to get organic vegetables to make me lunch one day. While I was messaging him about a mutual friend,

Paula, I get a message from…


Who was messaging me about positive recommendations for the acupuncturist…

Who also sent me a message at the same exact time.

I then got a message about from a friend about reiki, on a day when my Facebook memories post was all about reiki and loved ones who have passed, with pictures from the Peaceful Scorpion, who my mom said two of my “aunts” visited.

Mind blown.

I then got ready and went to bed.

And now?

I’m up.

Woke up at 2:22.

I also woke up at 3:33 and 4:44 this week.

I had hopes today would have been 5:55,but no, I guess God wanted to talk to me now.

Reminds me of the book by Judy Blume.

“Are You There, God? It’s me, Keri.”

Today is a busy day. Morgan has dance, Maddie has HMEA

Practice all day then her concert tonight.

We are selling the bunk bed frame and I’m resting until her concert.

I’ll look up and research all the tips I got yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who helped calm me down.

I’m a lucky girl.

Today, may we all find time to rest, and be still, and listen and look for the God Whispers in our life.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



2 thoughts on “Bone Broth and Little Miracles

  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts ,as all of a sudden the cold has sent my bones a message of pain.. Trying to stay healthy working in kindergarten like we do plus hubby having the flu this week has been hard here too.. Chaga and juicing to the rescue ❤💚❤🦋🙏

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