The State of the Union

If you watched the speech last night like one half of America, you cheered, clapped, and felt so much hope.

If you watched the speech like the other half of America, you sat with rage in your belly, mouth pursed, hands clenched.

My feed is full of President supporters and President haters. I become sad when I see the President belittle, demean and make fun of people. I teach five year olds not to do that. Then I just shake my head at the total irony when people who despise him do the same about him.

We have a long way to go, people.

We need honest conversations, without anger, judgement, or sarcasm. Even if you don’t agree with someone, you’ve got to validate that they have feelings. Our feelings are real and true.

It’s what we do with them that sets our course.

I loved the story of the police officer who heard God whisper to him to adopt the baby from the pregnant woman who was about to shoot up heroin. That guy would totally get what I mean when I say I get whispers.

God didn’t stop talking to us when the Bible was written. We just have to be still and listen. He puts things in our heart and soul.

Be still.


I loved the little boy who say that graves of heroes were not decorated and decided to do something. Let’s honor the dead, but let’s do even more.

They fought for our freedom. For our country. Not for a country that is so divided.

I watched the #metoo movement and didn’t cheer, because there’s nothing to cheer about when women are victims…and victims in so many ways.

Women are not taken seriously.

I had an issue… actually two issues, recently. It took several emails and four face to face meetings before I got results, as well as the proverbial, “Soon, my husband will get involved.”

Then I got the results.

I wondered what would have happened had my husband sent the first email?

(Go ahead, men, shake your heads and think how crazy that is…

And go ahead women, can I get an amen?)

I watched the politicians sit on their hands in protest. Make faces. I saw the other half cheer and stand up and smile.

It made me sad. The people in that room represent US. Are we really all that different? Are we all really refusing to even acknowledge each other?

I dont think so.

I think we need to get into each other’s lives. Many Facebook walls are full of people who look like you and think like you.

Get out there and get to know people who don’t think like you or look like you.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about others, and yourself.

Today, it’s a super blue blood moon.

That hasn’t happened in something like 152 years.

It’s also the day after an unexpected snow day.

Pray for me.

The weather and the moon phases totally have an effect on the kids.

The politicians too.

I spent the day dusting and vacuuming and mopping and cleaning up from the scaffolding.

I also had a red bird come while I had my soup for lunch and was looking out the window.

Today I’ll go get my mouth guard to see if that helps with my jaw, do a juice fast to prep for tomorrow’s labwork, then go to a beach and send out my prayers while the rare moon rises.

I’ll pray for our country, and our world.

The speech ended with the story of a man who overcame hardship in North Korea, and now uses his history of pain to make a future full of hope for others.

That’s the America we need to focus on.

We’ve all got pain.

Let’s turn it around and make it into a positive.

It’s possible.

All things are possible with God.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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