Support groups

Another throwback…

I’ve got a snow day, so maybe I’ll work on the blog a bit…

Or rest and hug my kids.

“Support Groups”

Yesterday started off a little rough. I started my new formula of herbs from Dr Snuffleuffugus. Yup. It must be more powerful, because it tastes and smells worse. While trying to gag down the huge chemo pill after taking the formula, I started to get sick.

Swallowing a pill while trying to hold down vomit is not easy.

But then I went to church. I had tears running down my face as Pastor spoke about the beautitudes in Matthew 5. Then one of the women in bible study, a woman who will be 91 and who gave me so much courage when this began, spoke about how she has to wait until April for a medical test. She is scared, no family around. Something came over me and I spoke in the group about Joshua 1:9. I told her how she is never alone, that God is with her, and that she was one of my rocks and supports when I was so scared and waiting on my tests.

Then I got a message from Danielle at The Peaceful Scorpion. Even though she is just starting her business, she has decided to not give me the 10% discount on all of my treatments, but has been moved to give me a 60% on all of them. I had just been speaking to Sandy the night before about how I can get free reflexology at the north fork breast health coalition, but I feel God sent me Danielle and need to stay with her, even though I pay for it. God sends me angels all the time. She is one of them.

Then off to the Giving Room. This group of friends didn’t all know each other, but we were meant to be together. Paula DiDonato once again opened her heart and business and soul and educated us all. I have now five more field trips full of women who want to learn. I was surrounded by friends and my sister and felt loved.

We got home and went off to see Maddie run. I love to see her run. I spoke with other moms, her coaches, other girls I have seen grow up. After the meet, we went to Whole Foods and bought a whole bunch of organic food with gift cards from Rotary and a woman I work with.

We came home, and while unpacking..

I got sick. The kids saw me heaving on the lawn, trying to get into the house, then getting sick. Morgan was frozen in fear. Her social worker should have an interesting week with her.

But I cleaned myself up, got out my new magic potion and pills and swallowed them down. I think it’s because I got home late and didn’t take the potion until about three hours later than usual.

We put the kids to bed and I got a call from my former union president, and now school board member Ann Cotten degrasse. She called to tell me how I need to send in the paper for the NFBC to get a $1,000 grant already earmarked for me. I have the paper, but feel weird taking the money. She convinced me to do it.

Then rob and I and a good friend of ours ate dinner. He wants to get healthy, and is a bachelor. We bought him a whole bunch of organic veggies and fruits and at 9 pm we all made juice. I sent him home with four mason jars. He helped us laugh.

I know some people love their support groups. I can’t go to them. I feel scared, and hopeless.

I realized after he left that all day long I am surrounded by support group.

Here on FB, in my school, my friends who text me and get me through hard times when I reach out, my PTO moms,my family, my reflexologist, The Giving Room, Madison’s track family, my swim family.

Rob, Madison, Morgan, Quinn, and even my crazy dog Kasha. (I practiced reiki on her, I think it worked a little).

So, thank you.

You are all my support group and helped me get through this hard time.

I know a lot of people

Are posting lately how much they hate FB now because of politics.

Please don’t leave. Block everyone else but stay with me.

Plus, you don’t want to miss my post when I say I am NED.

I am cured❤️

In Jesus’s name, amen.



2 thoughts on “Support groups

  1. Keri,
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage l and know how blessed I am. All is well with me but I have a friend with colon cancer stage lll. She now drinks Chaga tea, has gone for her first reflexology treatment and has strong faith.
    Keep posting and sharing your journey. You are now on my prayer list!

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