Teaching Others, Unexpected Days, and How to Apologize.

I spent the last week sharing my flu shot. I had another teacher ask me about The Giving Room, and I also told my nurse about it. I shared extra flu shot with her, as her Room is a literal hot bed Petri dish.

Listen, if your kid has a fever, don’t give them Tylenol, then send them to school and pray it doesn’t wear off until school ends. And follow the 24 hour fever free rule. If your kid’s fever breaks at 3:00 pm and wakes up the next day without a fever, guess what? That’s NOT 24 hours. Schools have children and teachers and kids with family members with compromised immense systems. It’s not just about your child.

Rant over.


I told both teachers I had too much going on and just couldn’t make the Giving Room this weekend.

I woke up yesterday so sore I told Rob I wanted to stay in bed all day. He told me to do just that, but I knew if I did that, my mind would tell my body it was sick.

So I got up.

Then I heard the whisper to not only go to the Giving Room, but to bring others. I texted one friend and she couldn’t go, then I texted the teacher.

She could.

I told Paula I was coming.

Once again, the Giving Room was amazing. Paula gave a master class on juicing and brain health and gut health and holy moly is that woman a blessing to everyone she meets.

I told Paula about how I had been sharing my flu shot with the nurse.

Ten minutes later?

My school nurse walked in the Giving Room for the very first time.

My other friend was shocked, and Paula just smiled. That happens all the time with me when I go there.

My friends experienced the full vibe and said it was like she was in a vortex of happiness and love.

We finished, I showed her Good Food in Mattituck and Lucia came out and hugged me. They make great soups.

We said goodbye then I had to run and get Maddie. Then I had to drive Quinn to a birthday party.

I spent two hours talking with an old friend that I don’t ever see. We talked and then walked outside for fresh air. We talked about everything, and life.

We talked about apologies, and how if you apologize and add the word “but…”, it’s no longer an apology.

It’s an excuse.

We talked about happiness suckers. Friends are people who are happy for you when good things happen, not people who say, “Must be nice”.

We talked about boundaries.

Setting boundaries for our kids, even when it’s hard.

Setting boundaries with friends.

Setting boundaries with family.

Setting boundaries within ourselves.

The power of forgiving others, and more importantly, ourselves.

Going to church.

Finding a church if you don’t have one that all of your family feels comfortable going to worship.

Man, it was a good walk and talk.

I haven’t been to a girls night out in a long time. Maybe everyone’s busy, maybe it’s because I dont really drink anymore, maybe it’s because no one wants to hang out with a girl who reminds you that life is short.

That’s ok.

I’ve learned that instead of “girls night out”, I love “family night in” just as much.

But spending time with friends, laughing and crying and walking in the dark and just being yourself… that can be healing, even in a parking lot during a gymnastics party.

I came home, Rob made a nice warm soft dinner for my jaw, and I felt peace. Kasha the wonder dog stayed by my side, as she probably knew the rain was coming which makes my bones feel older.

We are off today, on this rainy achey bone day, to see Maddie run in her last league track meet. She’s had a banner weekend.

The Navy ball, third chair in the best of the best from all the school orchestra, and now a meet.

Morgan’s bedroom is finally finished and she is sleeping on her unicorn bedsheets.

Quinn’s been working on his pinewood derby car with his dad.

Life is good.

No church today, but that’s ok. I’ve got Jesus in my heart.

My cowboy is singing to Eric Church, and we are happy.

My bones may be aching, but my heart is full.

Today may we all realize our burdens aren’t as bad we tell ourselves, and our blessings are bigger than we think.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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