Reiki reiki RA RA raaaa!

Here is last year’s post.

A throwback…

“Reiki, Reiki, Ra Ra Raaa!”

Yesterday was a hard day. I sat in meetings all day and discussed ways to help children. There are a lot of people who have no idea about how hard some children’s lives are.

My heart broke for some of them. Life is hard and unfair sometimes… and downright awful for six and seven and eight and nine year olds.

There are also a lot of my friends in pain. Emotional and physical. We need more kindness. I sent out my care bear light and love healing light all day and night.

I went to the school laser light show.

I let Quinn hang out with friends, morgan helped at the snack table, and I sat in the back with the PTO board. These women work so hard, and are so unappreciated.

(I did have one feel my boob in the back of the cafeteria to let her see what a tumor feels like. I hope the cameras don’t pick that touching moment up.)

Last night I shivered all night.

I just could not get warm.

So today…

I am going to a Reiki level One Certification class. Sandy is coming with me. For two saturdays, we will learn how to lay hands and send healing energy, as well as send energy to others.

I originally signed up for me.

I plan on laying hands on myself as much as I can.

But this morning I realized I will send energy to others.

To the children in my building and town and nation and world, who have lives that need as much love and light and healing as possible.

To my friends, who carry burdens that at times seem too heavy to bear.

To people who volunteer time and are unappreciated, yet do it anyway.

To my doctors and Dr Snuffleuffugus, that they continue to heal me and be lead by God’s hands.

So if any of you feel warmth from 1-5 p.m. today, don’t worry.

It’s just me in the Giving Room, sending you my Reiki Care Bear light and love.



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