Make the Memories

The past week I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of different people about how short life is.

Some of us end up having that fact smack us in the face, then spend all of our time trying to prove that saying false.

Some unfortunately never get the chance.

I made a choice to always try and make memories and magic over the regular and day to day.


Instead of “Pajama Day”, we did “Pirate Day”.

I dressed to the nines with what I had in my closet. When I came downstairs, Rob just looked at me and shook his head. Quinn said, “Looks like you’re really going all out pirate today, huh mom?”

We hung a sign outside the door so as soon as the kids arrived, they knew it was a special day. We wrote “How to be a Pirate” books. We got maps from the Great Pirate who sent us on a treasure hunt around the school. We marched with our red solo cup hook hands, eye patches covering our eyes,

Pirate hats on our heads, a stuffed parrot clipped to my shoulder, flag holders waving our pirate flag, and growled “AAAAARGH! Shiver me timbers!” to anyone who got in our way as we searched to fill up our pirate booty bags and plunder the treasure. They got a real metal key to remind them to always look for treasure, a mini treasure box to remind them that no matter how small, kindness is the greatest treasure of all, gold coins and gems, and a Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie book each, because filling our minds and reading books is better than gold!

Then we had ice cream sundaes and played Musical chairs to pirate music.

We made memories yesterday.

They may not remember the math lessons, the writing craft moves, the reading tools, but they’ll remember how they FELT yesterday.

That’s more important to me.

I ran into my sister quick, and took a selfie. I love that she gets me and lets me take selfies with her.

My mom showed up and refused to be in my selfies.

I’ll get one, eventually.

Then we went in to the salon to get Madison’s hair done. I love Gabriel Loren Salon. Raquel and Ashley and Alex are like our fairy godmothers. They always make us look great and feel better. We brought Madison’s dress there because we wanted them to see Madison all finished.

Raquel told me that as Madison came out, Quinn said to Raquel…”When she comes out, I may need a moment.”

They love their sister.

The picture shows it all where they all stood together.

We went to robs office, showed Tyler and Marisa, and Rob told Maddie he was speechless.

I’m glad Rob can look intimidating, because I want boys to know that Madison is something special, and her father is going to make sure they all know it.

I’ll also show the boys how I have a little Liam Nesson in me.

Madison was so out of her comfort zone. Her track coach was there and said he never saw Madison in a dress before.

I said me either.

I’m proud that she took a deep breath, stood up straight, and said, “Here we go…” as we walked into the ball.

I’m proud that she didn’t act embarrassed when I walked in with her and then picked her up early so I could get some pictures. She even let me kiss her goodbye in front of people.

Some kids act embarrassed of their parents around their friends. That makes me so sad. I’m glad Madison didn’t do that to me.

Even though I looked like a haggard Pirate.

(Don’t worry, I took off the eye patch and hook when I walked her into the dance).

We took the kids to dinner and I met a Facebook friend for the first time since we connected on Facebook. We talked a lot and it was nice.

Then the four of us had dinner. We were at a restaurant where my dad and brothers go every Wednesday. I took a selfie with “their” waitress and sent it to the three of them. I told them that she now loves me more, and instead of being their waitress, she will now go drink juices with me on Wednesday’s because she has switched to Team Keri.

We love to torture each other through text.

I love my crazy family.

It’s my brother Rob’s birthday today.

He hates social media. So no long post about how much I love him, how his texts every single day to me last year that said, “I’m stronger than I think I am” helped me get through each day, how the Haka he sent me helped my get through the first few injections, how he was a hero in September 11, and how I’m so glad God gave him to our family.

(See what I did there?)

I’ve decided I’m grabbing every moment I can. Nothing is promised to us.

All we have is now.

Take the pictures.

Take the selfies.

Make the memories.

Today Madison has HMEA, which is an orchestra that they select kids to be a part of from all over the Hamptons. Morgan has dance. Quinn has a party.

Lots of memories to be made today.

I’m tired.

My jaw still hurts.

My body aches.

But my heart is full.

Go make memories today.

May we all do something that will stay with us forever, and take a picture for us to look at. Let’s share in each other’s happiness.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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