Did you know there were 11 school shootings in the first 23 days of 2018?


Probably because we’ve gotten used to the news of angry, depressed, mentally ill teens getting hold of guns and shooting other kids.

It’s not a gun issue, people.

It’s a social issue.

What about suicide rates?

What’s going on with our kids?

Are we talking to our kids?

Are we talking enough?

Do you talk to your kids when you drive or are they on their phones, snapping and texting other teens?

Why did you let your child get a social media account when they were in fifth, sixth grade? Because everyone else was and you didn’t want your kid to feel left out?

Wait until that excuse is said right back to you when they say, “But mom, everyone else is vaping/smoking/doing drugs/partying/drinking….”

Instead of dealing with other issues, administrators in our schools are dealing with crap that happens in cyberspace… after hours as during school hours.

Guess what?

You let your kids have an account, you’re an accomplice. There’s such a thing as passive aggressive, and kids have been known to post pictures of groups of kids and state how much fun they have with these people, just to hurt people that aren’t in the picture. (As a matter of fact, some adults do that too.)

How many kids would be ok with you taking their social media accounts away?

If they throw a fit, you’ve probably got an addict on your hand.

Their brains and neurons are still forming. We’ve got five year olds who have been raised in front of iPads, that don’t know how to hold eye contact, have conversations, or take turns playing. App creators and social media billionaires admit they purposely made these things easy to use, consulted psychologists, and made them addicting.

Know what it does to your kids when they get more likes and followers? It’s a similar affect in their brain as a drug.

Know what happens when they don’t get likes? They get depressed and questions themselves.

Homes used to be safe havens. Safe zones. Now the bullying follows them to bed. Kids sleep with their phones.

Blue light technology screws up their sleep patterns.

Science, people.

Stop raising entitled kids.

Morgan asked me when she could go get her nails done like other kids. I had a whole conversation about needs and wants, inner beauty and outer beauty, and oh my God, are you really pouting over your nails when your mother was told she would be dead in a year and is still here???

Teach your children to count their blessings, not their “likes and followers”.

You know what?

I dont care if I get one freaking like.

I’ve said my peace.

If this post made you uncomfortable or angry, maybe you should look at your own kid’s social media accounts.

Chances are your kid is the one who is addicted.

Today I’m off to go throw the biggest pirate party ever. Instead of pajamas, I bought eye patches, pirate hats, jewels, pirate maps, and Elephant and Piggie books for the kids. I’m trying to raise children who will discover working together, playing, and using their imaginations can be fun before the social media and peer pressure sucks them all in.

My kids don’t have a single social media account. My kids come home, do homework, talk to me, play board games, and watch tv at 8:00 for the superhero shows.

I’m not special.

I’m being a mom.

Setting boundaries.

Today, I am praying for all of today’s youth, navigating a world without boundaries, that can be mean and cruel and scary and cause problems and make kids more depressed and anxious and sleep deprived.

May they all put down their phones, disconnect from social media and connect with real life.

Because man, this world is beautiful if you look up from your phone.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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