The Day I Broke Up with My Second Oncologist

Another throwback Facebook post.

I’ll put one up now and then so you can see how far I’ve come.

Pretend you’ve got time travel goggles too… it’s more fun.

“Size Matters, Seeds, Inauguration”.

Today I have to take a half day and go to Sloan. I have to have my vitals taken, meet with the oncologist and go over my bloodwork, then…

Get my bone injection and my ovary injection.

Two big needles.

I mean… big.

One goes in my ass cheek, the other in my arm.

They hurt.

A lot.

They hurt going in, they hurt after, and they make you hurt and sore for days after.

Oh, and last time, I had a side effect of bleeding for three weeks with early menopause. (Sorry fellas. Gross period talk, but just keeping it real.)

I have an elder from my church coming tonight to pray over me. He had stage four cancer and cured himself. I know I am going to need God today.

More than ever.

Last night I went to see a documentary called “Seed”. I cried in the car telling Sandy and Donna about Sloan on Wednesday. I held Krista’s hand just a little for strength during the movie. I feel safe with my family and friends.

It mentioned how Monsanto owns 80% of the world’s seeds. How the chemicals they use to genetically modify organisms (GMO) cause cancer, but hey! They are making money! And the Supreme Court case that they won because Clarence Thomas voted in their favor? Judge Thomas used to be a Monsanto lawyer. The corruption and tentacles are everywhere.

Seeds are a door to our past, and to our future. That one little seed is a result of thousands of years of other seeds being planted and growing, and will carry on the legacy by producing more seeds for our future.

But we keep screwing it up.

Our new president is being sworn in.

Even if you don’t respect the man, respect the idea. I am having a hard time respecting any politician lately after my eyes have been opened to Monsanto, big pharma and medical companies. But respect for others, and gratitude for everything…

It’s everything.

I send him love and gratitude, and prayers that he goes after big pharma. Prayers he shows compassion to people like me and doesn’t put us in a pool where money is capped for our treatment. Prayers he leaves schools alone and lets us worry how to kill bears while education and celebrating growth. Prayers he changed his tone and sends out feelings of unity.

I have a feeling curing my cancer will happen first.

(Present day Keri here… my feeling was right)🙌🏻

So today..

I will talk to my kindergarteners about the new President and hang up the poster with his picture added next to the other men.

I will dance.

I will try to breath when I pull down my pants and have drugs injected into my body in a place that makes me feel hopeless and stupid for saying “I am cured.”

I will pray with my church elder and let him lay his healing hands on me.

I will hold the seeds I was given last night in the palm of my hand. Carrots, sunflowers, and Chinese Forget me Not.

I will look at these videos and pictures and and remember…

I am cured.

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