Logo Love

I am going to give you all a peek at my logo. It’s not the totally finished product, as that one is in a Zip drive that my phone won’t open now. I woke up late, today is the last day of my 12th round of oral chemo, the frigid cold has decided to apparently make my bones think they are 75 instead of 45 years old, and I’ve got to draw on my brows. #fleek #aretheystraight?

I didn’t even think about a logo until it was given to me. It started with Michelle, excitedly asking me tons of questions when she offered to have her Momma ‘N Manila team create a logo. Color? Font? Shape? Pictures? Size?

Meanwhile, I was in shock I even started a blog, especially after spending all day cleaning my cabinets and pantry and showing all of my Facebook friends I may be a hoarder. (It is affectionately known now as “The Mug Post”.)

But here is where Jesus lead the way.

It came to me.

It’s has been forming the past year and I didn’t even know it.

I even painted part of it this year at one of those “Paint and sip” nights.

After some back and forth, Michelle, Beryl and Thea came up with the logo. It has everything I dreamed.

Let me break it down.

I wanted a circle for two reasons. The first is for His love, for it is never ending. The second is for the moon. The full moon shined a light for me on many nights when it seemed so dark.

I wanted a cross for Jesus, as He died on the cross for my sins, and I had declared Easter would be my healing day. If you look, there is a cross in the word “Faith”.

There is also a butterfly in the word “Faith”. Jen, one of my energy workers, told me that every time I see a butterfly, it’s the Holy Spirit showing me I am on the right path, and I am going to be ok. I had just met her, and it was after the week I took my picture at the butterfly wall at my hospital. I also feel that I have changed on this faith walk, like I’ve had a metamorphosis.

A butterfly is perfect.

I asked for three birds. Three has been my number. I was told by Jen that the red bird is my Nanny, the blue bird is my Poppa, and a woodpecker is my Uncle Larry. I changed the woodpecker color to yellow, to represent the yellow finches that came to visit me all summer. My friend Donna had brought me the bird feeder and it brought me peace and always made me smile.

I asked for the branch of the birds to have a heart or two, because love is all you need, which was a card I had gotten at my first meditation session.

If you look carefully, there are also three hidden Mickeys, one for each of my children, to represent our Disney trip. We had to cancel that trip three times, once for the hurricane, once for the cancer, and the third time was the charm.

As a nod to my calling, my profession, the background has a chalkboard look.

And the color?


A former administrator that worked in my district has become a Facebook friend and supporter. He always writes that word from the 1990’s and it makes us all laugh. A little mintness goes a long way, and laughter is good for the immune system.

So, there you have it. I’m hoping to open the Zip drive later today. I’ve got to go gulp some pills and potions.

Today may we all find little things that show us and remind us of our blessings.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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