My Core Four and Another Remission

When I transferred in to my college, I was an older student. I had stayed home for two years and received an Associates Degree at a local community college. Then I transferred into a State School.

It’s hard transferring in, as many friendships and bonds had already been formed, so I decided to live in a dorm.

I made some great friends there, and still talk to the girls I lived in the dorm with to this day.

One day while in Psychology class, a girl I never really talked to tapped me on the shoulder and said I should think about starting a sorority with her because I seemed like I was fun.

“The crazy in me sees and honors the crazy in you.”

That girl, Sharon, became one of my best friends. I said yes, I would love to be a founding sister, and working a few months, I had over ninety sisters on campus.

Phi Sigma Sigma changed my life. I teach in the same district as several sisters, one of my former students is now a sister, and my sisters surrounded me and helped me with a t-shirt campaign. One of my sisters is the one who helped with my logo, and another helped me find my current oncologist. Amazing.

I love all of my sisters, but I have a “core four”, four girls who have gone to weddings, celebrated births together, and have made sure to get together once every few years.

Sharon, Steph, Sarah, and Beth.

When I was diagnosed, they were my group messages girls. Sharon and Steph were with me on the day I got the call with the results from my brain scan, and it was all clear. We celebrated by getting some juices at The Giving Room and putting out feet in the water at the beach.


Somehow, in a twist of fate, Beth was diagnosed with cancer just a few months after me.

We were in shock.

I remember saying that maybe I was diagnosed before her to show her things to do and that life goes on.

That there is always hope.

To have faith.

She has been so strong, and I have admired her beauty, grace and strength. My girl can rock a shaved head with Smokey eyes!

I’ve been in prayer for her the last week, as she had a scan coming up. Yesterday, we received the news.

Total remission!

Praise Jesus, amen!

Amen! Amen!

We are already trying to decide on our celebratory get together.

I realized that the news came on my niece’s birthday, which is also the one year anniversary of meeting Dr Snuffleuffugus and having him agree to give me his herbs.

Last night, I received a new batch of herbs in the brown box that brings me joy every time I see it on my stoop.

I had my nighttime herbs and toasted to Beth, Brennan, and my one year anniversary of joyful herbs.

Three reasons to be grateful.

Today, may we all find three reasons to be grateful and raise a glass to celebrate.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

One a Phi Sigma Sigma,

Always a Phi Sigma Sigma




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