With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Those were the words and themes of the day yesterday.

I released the blog out into the big vast space called “the internet”. It was scary. I’ve written every single day about this journey and faith walk, and the people reading it have all been my friends, family, and people who I have accepted into my little world that were sent to me.

But the World Wide Web?

Would they be as kind?

It’s not some work of fiction, it’s my life. Every single piece of it. I put my life into words, and words have power.

Remember that saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?”

Not true.

Names are words.

Words have power.

The words that would be written about my blog could make me feel horrible, which would be sooooo bad for my immune system. I would have to work hard to be all enlightened and just “Notice the feelings as if they were clouds drifting by. Choose how to feel. Use the force, Keri.”

Then I would have to figure out how to block comments.

Or, the words would be supportive, which would be great for my immune system. I would continue on this blogging thing that I truly don’t even have a clue what I am doing, and write for the next forty five years or so to help bring hope to those searching.

My words have power too. So many times I have been bombarded with questions, some even medical, after I throw out something I am doing. It’s been suggested I have a legal disclaimer on the blog, which means in my spare time, I draft to one up and show a lawyer. Everything I’ve done I’ve looked at, prayed over, and made a decision to do with the agreement of Rob. Don’t take my word for anything, in this case. See what I’ve done, research it on your own, and make your own decision.

This blog is more to show how I chose hope and Faith Over Fear. How I found Christ through cancer. How I went at it with EVERYTHING, and it left my body. The lessons Iearned, and shared along the way.

In Kindergarten we say, “Sharing is caring!”

I watched the Golden Globes after making a bunch of juices with Rob. Sundays are good days for us to juice, and we make a whole bunch to last at least three days.

The show was all about the inequality and abuse of power. How people in power not only use their money, and at times physical strength, but words as well. Words have power, and you can cut someone down so quickly with words. You can also say something and have it used against you, and one sentence can have your whole world turned upside down.

Sometimes the lack of words is powerful too.

“Silence Is Golden”

Silence is also deafening.

There were pins handed out that said, “It’s time”.

I believe we are at a moment that will become a movement for a lot of issues.

Gender equality.




Blending all different types of medicine and protocols to help eradicate diseases.

This blog has power, as words have power.

With great power comes great responsibility.

May we all use whatever power and words we have to bring forth faith, hope, joy, laughter and love to this great big beautiful world.

“It’s time.”

In Jesus’s name, amen.

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