So Keri, What Did You Do?

I get asked this question a lot.

I  get overwhelmed with requests to share, or answer questions.

My friends held a benefit for me to help me with the expenses that you have when choosing to add alternative and holistic protocols.

Chinese herbs ain’t cheap.

I decided to type it all up into a booklet.

Remember, everyone is different. I am NOT a doctor. This is what worked for me. Everyone needs to figure out what will work for them and what feels right. Whats right for one goose may not be right for the gander.

That being said…


-We decided to do a blend of traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and relied on faith that Jesus would heal me. He put everyone in our path that we needed, and we listened to the whispers.

-We read the Bible.

-we read Radical Remission by Kelly Turner, Ph.D.

-The Truth About Cancer DVD series and Facebook page has a wealth of information. Ty Bollinger is a force of nature.

-Chris Wark, his “How Chris Beat Cancer” website, Facebook page and Square One modules are sources of knowledge and HOPE!

-Annie Appleseed project and conference. Her conference is every March and was inspirational.

-I tried to stay away from Google as they can’t keep up with all of the breakthroughs. When I did Google, I googled, “Stage four breast cancer radical remission”, or “Stage four cancer healed by Jesus”.

-I went through two oncologist and two different cancer centers in two months until I found one that saw me as a person, not a patient, and prescribed hope and not fear.

-I fasted from six at night until 11:30 or 12:00 the next day. I ate only organic fruit or nuts. Part of it was from shock and loss of appetite, and also I had been told fasting would be good. I still occasionally do a juice fast, or a twelve hour or longer fast. If you fast, be responsible. There are books and articles.

-I started juicing. Organic juices galore!

Dressed to kale!

Tower of power!

-I cut out all sugar, dairy, meat, bread, processed foods. I went whole food, plant based, almost vegan. Only organic food, and added turmeric and cur cumin,

-I detoxed with oil pulling, tongue scraping, and baths. I alternated between Epsom salt and organic baking soda. Some people do coffee enemas as well.

-I made the Budwig protocol every morning. (“SPLOOSH!” as my dear friend Alycia named it). I use six tablespoons of organic cottage cheese, three tablespoons of cold pressed organic flaxseed oil, then mix with a hand blender. I then add Manuka honey and organic cinnamon, organic berries, and some organic granola for crunch. Look up Johanna Budwig.

-Chaga mushroom tea. I also add Manuka honey to that, and cinnamon. You can drink it black, with lemon, mint. It has no real taste, and should be the color of maple syrup. I drink three cups a day and get my mushrooms from Chaga Island.

-Limit technology exposure. Turn off wifi and routers when not in use.

-I  drink high PH balanced water. Essentia is my water of choice. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Look up “The Warburg effect.” I added organic lemon as well.


-What grass shots

-I asked everyone to pray for me. I spoke out loud not what I wanted to have happen, but as if it already happened. “I am healed. I am healthy and whole.”

-I trusted my gut.

-I am on targeted chemo, (Ibrance), letrozole, xgeva and zoladex injections. I am using a blend of western and alternative treatments.

-I added supplements. Calcium citrate. Vitamin D3. Probiotic. Some people do Vitamin C infusions too.

-Looked at Hay House for inspirational books.

-The Science of Miracles

-Oprah Super Soul Sunday

-Reiki, reflexology, meditation, yoga, energy workers.


Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Meditation and yoga became so important to me, and I don’t practice nearly enough.

The cards we were given at the Annie Appleseed Foundation Conference.

-I bought a rebounder for lymphatic drainage.

-Dry brushing

-We are looking into infrared near and far saunas.

-Tried my best to eliminate stress.

-Chinese herbs

-Hugged, laughed, danced, forgave, loved.







At the Annie Appleseed Conference.

There are so many miracles out there. We have two choices.

I  was told I was terminal.

The reality is that we are ALL terminal.

Either I could finish my life acting and believing they were right and my life would end sooner than later..

or I could act as if they were all wrong and I was right, and had many many many years ahead of me.

Either way, no matter what, what will be will be.

So I would either be a happy naive person choosing to live out my days with hope, or spend them shaking in fear and waiting to die. We all die someday.

The choice was easy.

In Jesus’s name, amen.




And I DID!

10 thoughts on “So Keri, What Did You Do?

  1. You are a beautiful inspiration! I can’t wait for those who don’t know you to read your story and become inspired…be filled with Hope, Faith, Believe & Love.
    You are stronger than you think!
    Be strong & courageous, do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. You are so very brave and your blog helped me with my faith. Chemo is really rough. Joann & Karen told me about your journey. I wish the best for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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