Still here…

It’s been almost two months since I last wrote. There have been a few reasons.

The calcium crisis was serious. I ended up hospitalized twice. The first time was at a local hospital and only for two days. I fought them on releasing me, as the hospital was not at all prepared for a cancer patient or knowledgeable about this situation. I actually taught my nurse how to use my port for blood draws. Always a teacher, I guess.

Three days later i was admitted to Stony brook hospital. I had my second covid test, which feels like a qtip is swirling on your brain. It was a long eight days of isolation, multiple injections, multiple specialist and residents. Nurses are my heroes. They became my family and support and held me as I cried when i was told the cancer spread even more. Being alone with no family is so hard… thank God for my nurses.

We have the calcium somewhat stable today. My oncologist only saw a case like this once, and she wasn’t able to save the patient. I told her that I will be her first. And I will.

We aren’t sure where we will go next with treatment. We are looking to do more biopsies as my doctor and Donnie Yance feel there could be two or three different cancers happening. Waiting for insurance to agree to doing two biopsies at once. Insurance won’t cover my calcium medicine, so that’s another expense. At least we got the cost down from $1600 a month to $600 a month out of pocket… on top of herbs and supplements and copays. Cancer is expensive.

I finished out the school year. When i was hospitalized I had my computer with me and worked all day. My nurses were amazed that I kept working as well as how I was able to send voice messages to my students all day long. I worked ten hour days many days. I had families texting me early in the morning and late at night. Some of the conditions and situations happening to them would break your heart. No one knows what will happen next. We have to come up with three different scenarios and no idea which one will be used. It’s impossible. Add in the fact our budget failed, the only district in all of Suffolk county. September will be hard no matter what. Thank God for my colleagues. We hold each other up.

The kids are alright. Madison started her Emerson college program and loves it so far. Morgan and Quinn are staying busy at home. Rob is working and supporting me every step of the way. We also got a puppy. Her name came to me one day, then we found her, and then she became a part of our family. Welcome Remi… short for remission.

That’s the update. If I dont update again soon, just envision me healthy and healed and living my best life.

Because I am.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



3 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. You continue to inspire us all with your strength, knowledge and faith. Keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Hi Keri!
    I would check everyday for an update from you and was so happy to see you today! Love your new puppy and the name Remi! The pup is adorable. They bring so much joy and comfort!
    We recently adopted a year old cat and he’s the friendliest cutest cat! He came with the name Albert, and I think he knows his name ….so Albert he will be called! My son is visiting for the week with his beautiful dog who wants no part of Albert….but unfortunately Albert is really afraid and is stalking the dog. Uh oh! Wanted to eventually get a dog of our own… so will have to wait and see!
    I’m praying for you every day and have continued amazement and praise for your strength and perseverance! So happy that you had given us all an update! Xoxox
    Prayers for your healing!

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