It’s Rally Day.

Time for everyone to put up or shut up.

Either you fight for our district and stand with us to get what we are owed, or you get out of our way.

To make it even more movie worthy and magical, it’s going to snow.

Don’t worry, we will be inside.

I don’t want to hear excuses of why people can’t go.

Want to know why?

Because I’m going to the rally… instead of seeing my daughter run in a league meet and watch her coach at his last meet ever with her. This man has been a part of Madison’s life for years. Three days a week all summer long we would meet and he would coach these kids. He brought her up to varsity as an eighth grader. He put together the go fund me which has helped our family have some breathing room during cancer treatments. He has been Madison’s social studies teacher, and is so gifted, she got a five on her AP exam. I wanted to watch Maddie try and break the school record today, and be there for Justin Cobis, an amazing human.

But I’m not.

I’m rallying instead. He understands, as he is an educator. I’m choosing to fight for all of my Kid’s future today.

I also should be home resting. It was only one week ago I was released from the hospital after thinking I was dying. I still have a rash all over me that’s itchy and painful. I’ve got skin coming off of my hands and feet. I’m exhausted, and I’ve got chemo this week. I worked all week teaching kindergarten. It’s Saturday and I’ve got two weeks worth of house chores to do.

I’m rallying instead.

Morgan is performing tonight at East Hampton for the Hampton Music Educator Association concert, where the best musicians from all of the schools on the east end are selected to perform. I’m rallying so I can make sure my district gets its fair share of aid and we can continue to enrich their education with music.

Quinn’s troop is hosting a pancake breakfast from 8-10 at Applebee’s. Everyone is up and moving. I’ll be there a little later with madison. Go fill your bellies before the rally and support this troop that has been a blessing and also through so much.

I’ve personally contacted media, tweeted politicians and made signs. All while working full time, raising three kids, and going through heavy chemo.

I don’t want excuses.

If you can’t make it to the rally, I’ve put up links to sign petitions. I found out last night we have another big rally we may be planning.

It’s that big of a deal.

It’s $31 millions dollars.

Sharing what other districts are owed opened people’s eyes. Especially when they saw the white districts get their fair share. But district with kids with different color skin?

Millions are missing.

Brentwood is owed over a hundred million dollars. Imagine that.

What is weshampton owed? Zero/

Tell me again how politicians aren’t racist in their actions and who they stand up for and fight for.

I’ll wait.

Then I’ll show you how they treat the children.

I love riverhead. I love that my kids are in school with kids of all skin colors and cultures. My kids are better prepared for the real world, and have amazing friendships. I drove Maddie around last night to a sweet sixteen party with a friend from Guatemala. We laughed and laughed as I tried to find this party. As we drove we talked about America and all of the opportunities it has.

My kids know how lucky they are.

They also know how NYS is screwing them over.

Ill be at the rally with my thirteen signs.

I’ll be fighting for ALL kids.

I’ll be standing up for OUR town.

It’s time.

Let’s go!!

May our voices be heard and the money given back.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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