Happy Thanksgiving

Three years ago on thanksgiving I went onto my back deck by myself and cried, saying over and over, “Just give me time… more time… more time.”

I didnt even know it was stage four, we simply thought I would have a rough year ahead…

But deep down I knew.

If you would have told me that I would still be here, three years, eight treatments, three biopsies, multiple mets later…

I would have gladly taken the deal.

Despite what I’ve been given in regards to cancer, I’ve been given so much more in regards to life.

I’ve seen Maddie learn how to drive a car, perform on stage, continue to win awards.

I’ve seen Morgan become her own person and step out of her sister’s shadow.

I’ve seen Quinn grow from a little boy to a kind young tween, who still runs to me for quick snuggles.

I’ve continued to teach, and have taught over sixty children how to read in the past three years.

I’ve made more friends, and have friends become lifelines.

My parents have continued to support us emotionally and whatever we need, they do. They make sure my kids are loved.

My colleagues have taken care of me and my children. Not only in regards to education, but making sure we are ok.

I’m still married to a man who holds it all together for us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the pity party I had going yesterday. Anemia is no joke, and I had to keep sitting down and resting all day. I drank a bunch of green juice, are some kale, had some eggs, laid on the couch a lot, and cried at how this has become my life.

But then I thought back to when I was on my back deck three years ago, looking in the window at my kids and rob and crying and pleading…

“Just give me time… just give me time…”

I’m not going to wonder and worry today if I will be here next thanksgiving.

Instead I’m going to be thankful that I’m here THIS Thanksgiving… and be grateful for all the love I’ve been given and the life I’ve been able to live.

May it continue for years and years to come.

In Jesus’s name, amen.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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