Hockey Fights Cancer and A Chorus Line

Rob and I had a great breakfast with his best friend from college and his wife. They are the kind of friends you can sit down with and just pick up laughing where you left off. As it always happens, we say we need to make time to get together more. We hope to see them again soon.

We drove home, picked up the kids, and then I slept on the couch. Soon it was curtain time for the play. Rob and I looked onstage and couldn’t believe it was our girl up there. It was a great play, the kids are amazing, and we were so proud.

Today is your final chance to see the play at 2:00 pm. Go support the arts!

My brother rob sent me a text and surprised me with a bunch of pictures of hockey player jerseys. We have always been NY Islander fans. He just moved to North Carolina and it took me a minute or two to see what he was doing. I thought he was showing me jerseys he was buying and was now a Carolina Hurricanes fan.

It turns out, last night was a huge cancer event, and season ticket holders had the opportunity to submit names to be placed on the player’s jerseys. The jerseys will be auctioned off and the money raised will be used to support cancer patients. As we looked at the jerseys, we noticed my name was on one of them twice… my maiden name and my married name. My brother rob said he only submitted my married name, and had no clue who submitted my maiden name.

What are the odds my name was on jersey #88 twice?

It was a nice way to end the evening, and the player who wore that jersey even scored.

Today I rest some more, see Madison in the last performance, then get ready for tomorrow.

I’ll head to the hospital, have my port accessed, labs drawn, present a check for $11,000 to Dr Stopeck for all of the money raised for her research last month, then get the brand new chemo.

I’m praying today for the cold and cough to leave my body, the anxiety about chemo to leave, madison to have a great show, and for us all to have a restful day.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



3 thoughts on “Hockey Fights Cancer and A Chorus Line

  1. Keri, you are indeed “one singular sensation.” As I read your blogs, I am, from afar, so very inspired and proud of what you and your family are doing for love. Sending love and hope for your strength and healing in this next round of chemo and for many years to come.

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