RunIVMore Research!

Today is the day.

After teaching all day, I’m running to Indian island to cheer on our Varsity Girls Cross Country Team. This team is amazing, and they have crushed expectations this year. We have so many amazing sports teams in riverhead. It’s a shame that many get pushed to the side and don’t get the attention they deserve. Girls tennis, field hockey, boys golf… they all had exceptional seasons. Did you know we even have an ice jockey team? Sports often get looked down upon at budget time. “Let those parents fundraise and pay for it themselves”. We hear the same with art and theatre as well. And they do fundraise. But sometimes sports and extra curricular activities are the only thing that gets kids excited to come to school. It teaches them the value of practice, hard work, dedication, and teamwork. It also enhances school pride.

I’ll be there today handing out ribbons for stage four awareness. A portion of this go fund me is going to my oncologist. She was amazed at the taco fundraiser from this weekend. Today is the RunIVMore event, Thursday I’ll be in the chemo chair all day, and then head to the spaghetti dinner event. I will be fasting, but I hear that Nick Coutts and his mom are making meatballs, so I may have to break the fast for a miracle meatball.

I keep making plans for the future, and contacted stony brook to bring the teddy bear clinic to my kindergarten and all of the kindergartens in my school this spring. It’s fun to email every year and say, “Still alive!” to the coordinator. I usually live my life in three month increments. Every three months for the past nineteen months, I’ve gone for a petscan and then heard the cancer got worse. Therapies change, I navigate side effects all over again, change protocols and pills and supplements and herbal tea formulas…

it’s so damn hard.

Right now, I know there is a scan coming up in November. Will I need more of this heavy chemo? You can’t get too much because it damages your heart. Will I need another biopsy on the liver? Bone? Breast? What treatment will I try next? Will it be weekly infusions through the port? Will my hair grow back? What side effects will come next?

And you wonder why I cant sleep at night.

Madison’s track team is full of wonderful girls and coaches. I love them all and can’t wait to cheer them on. It’s her birthday this Saturday. She doesn’t ask for much, and we are doing a small party that night. I’ll be trying hard not to crash from the chemo. I remember crying when I was first diagnosed that I was told i wouldn’t be alive to see her sixteenth birthday. Thank you God for letting me see her seventeenth.

May I see many, many more.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



Here is the link for the fundraiser.

Thank you everyone for donating!!

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