Thank You, Good Morning America

Yesterday was interesting.

My flashlight shines on many things that are wrong lately.


Forced vaccinations.

Our overcrowded schools and the issue of people just saying no with no other solution to overcrowding that will ease the congestion. NOW.

Here’s another.

We will have a MAJOR teacher shortage in five to ten years. How do I know?

Because on the day I returned to school after getting a chemo named “the red death”… my TA was pulled yet again to sub. It happens waaaaay more than you all think. Ever try to teach kindergarten with 24 kids of all different backgrounds and languages by yourself … while on the heaviest chemo they’ve got?

It’s exhausting…. and unfair.

I’m not blaming the school district at all. This is yet another crisis they are facing due to the state. I actually feel for the administration, as the state seems to be puking on more and more and saying “Good luck! You’re on your own!” All as the state accepts millions from vaccine companies, mandates ridiculous tests, and unfounded mandates.

You see, the state has made teaching a job no…one…wants. Young kids see the common core and the state testing and how teachers are treated and think…”No thanks! Not even summers off are worth that crap”.

When I was a young teacher starting out, getting a sub job was near impossible. The market was saturated, even here on the isolated north fork. Now? I rarely see young people subbing. Most of the time it’s retired people from other walks of life. I used to leave detailed plans with expectations of everything I taught being taught. Now?

Please make sure they eat breakfast, lunch, don’t get hurt, and get on the right bus.

That’s one of the reasons I dont want to take off more time that I need to. My TA can be my sub for a day here and there, but any longer they would need a replacement, and there is only one or two people I would choose. They’ve also changed the certification for teaching. I’m certified pre-k through sixth, and special ed K-12. Now? It’s birth through K, and 1-6. NO ONE is going for the pre-K certificate if they want to teach in elementary, which means when my generation of kindergarten certified teachers retire? Good luck finding certified K teachers.

You can’t run a smooth program when your assistants are pulled all the time. But we have no choice. So pray for Kindergarten teachers everywhere on days they are left by themselves… especially when the lessons plans call for glitter.

I didnt sleep at all last night, in case you can’t tell. The night sweats are horrendous, as well as this new fun cold and cough I seem to have picked up which I now have to watch carefully.

But here’s the beautiful part of the post.

I made it through the day yesterday.

I’m waking up alive today.

We gardened and pulled weeds and used farming tools and looked at animals we found.

We blew bubbles and used hula hoops and danced with ribbons. We laughed as we yelled “Go away, big green monster!” In English and Spanish… “Vayate!” is fun to yell.

I am getting a bunch of mums donated by a former parent. My friend and former parent Emelie has eight boys that went through our school and used to invite the entire school to do a field trip to Helen’s Farm Stand for corn maze, pumpkin picking and tractor fun. I miss the old days when we could have more than one field trip. Emelie is coming through big time and delivering mums to my school for us to plant and beautify our little home away from home. There are still beautiful people on this world, and they all seem to cross my path.

I brought my ribbons to school and started to hand them out. I’m going to run out, so we went to michaels and bought a bunch more supplies. If anyone is interested, I’ll do a craft party this weekend and we can make more.

Madison has her potluck dinner for ROTC last night and once again I’m amazed at the kids. This program is a gem in our district, and I wish more parents would utilize it.

Wish me luck today as I teach while sweating profusely and tired. I’m glad it’s a three day week. Donnie’s assistant Erin agrees it may be the tumor shrinking causing the pain, and will talk to him today.

My stage four thriver sisters have become very vocal and I’m so proud of them. However, this brings out the ugly. Many are being attacked for being truthful while being called depressing. Sorry if our life truth scares you, but 20-30% of you will be where I am. Fight now while you are healthy with us so when you end up here, there will be treatments to keep you alive. Some man on twitter said breast cancer is caused by abortions, implying its Gods will as payback.

Don’t worry, my thriver sister’s and I handed him his tin foil hat back…. and where to shove it.

But that’s what we face, while dying and fighting for our life.

Good morning America shocked me as they did a segment on male breast cancer. Beyoncé’s dad said he was just diagnosed and had a mastectomy. As he discussed how African American men are more likely

To get it, michale strahan said HIS brother had male breast cancer. Then? Robin Roberts said HER brother had it.

One segment opened many eyes yesterday. Hopefully Beyonce and GMA and her dad will pick this torch up and fight along with us.

Cure stage four, or make it chronic, and EVERYONE benefits. Keep your pink tutus and boxing gloves and goats and specialty drinks and pink shirts saying save the tatas…

And save our lives.

I’m up to get ready for the day.

I’m alive and grateful, even if I seem pissy.

Deep shallow breaths…

May this day bring more healing, more beauty, and more young people who want to become teachers.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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