Cardboard Boats, a Wedding, and my Scout

Today we send off Quinn to whole week of Boy Scout camp at camp yawgoog in Rhode Island. We packed up all of his gear last night and just snuggled on the couch.

He is welcome to excited, and anxious too. He has been away for a week through camp Kesem, but he had his sisters with him. This time he is by himself… at ten years old.

It’s going to be a long week for me.

Yesterday was a busy day.

I went and watched the cardboard boat races and madison raced with her friends. I love her group of friends. They are all driven and kind and funny and quirky. It took her a while to find her tribe, but they were worth the wait.

I also ran into my oncology nurse, Jean, who was my vein whisperer all summer long last year. I had just spoken about her the night before to a friend who asked for advice for a loved one who was struggling. It was good to hug her, and she was happy to see I look good still. I was able to hug my friend who is like a sister whose mom is hospice care. Sometimes you just need to see someone to know they are ok. I’ve been sending her and her mom whom I’ve grown to love prayers all week long, as her mom begins her transition back to spirit form and goes home to Jesus.

Then I went to a wedding of a former student. I have watched her grow, went to her high school graduation, and have seen her become someone who I am so proud of. I love her husband too, and can tell him that in Polish. I sat with a woman who I worked with in Roanoke, and we looked around and saw so many faces of students we loved, all grown up. I cried watching the ceremony, and it was in the church I was married in eighteen years ago. I prayed for the couple to have a long life full of happiness, health and laughter. I then prayed and prayed for me.

I cried as I left, as I had to respond no to the reception due to my eye issue and exhaustion. I knew it would be too much for me, but man, I would have loved to go. Stupid cancer. I keep praying I’ll be here for my own children’s weddings. I watched the grandparents walk down the aisle and asked Jesus to give me the years and health to be here for my own grandchildren’s weddings. Wouldn’t that be a miracle?

I then went to shop for some last minute things for Quinn, and then went home. I actually made dinner, then packed up Quinn.

I kept thanking God over and over for my healing and health and having xeloda work and taking all the cancer away. I’m working hard on the mindset part lately…. manifesting and praying and acting as if it’s all gone.

Today I send a piece of heart off to Rhode Island. My dad took him for a haircut, and he looks like a big boy with his huge backpack. I’m going to miss him every second he is gone.

May this week be healing for me, fun and safe for Quinn, and wonderful for us all.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



One thought on “Cardboard Boats, a Wedding, and my Scout

  1. Keri,
    You will dance at your children’s weddings.💖 Thirty one years ago my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. The survival rate was 5%. She wasn’t a candidate for surgery because she has 7 tumors spread through out her lungs. Today she is grandmother to 6 beautiful grandchildren. She has not escaped heartache, the day after Mother’s Day she lost her 45 year old son in a tragic accident. She wonders how she survived cancer only to have her heart broken. She has exceptional faith, and the love and support of so many family members and friends so the Lord will give her and the rest of us the strength to find peace. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
    Enjoy the final days of summer and have a wonderful school year.

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