First the Pain, Then the Rising…

Sunday was the pain day.

Monday was the rising.

I got up and walked two miles while Maddie ran. She ended up finding out she had an early morning staff meeting, so she ran around our neighborhood, while I walked with Oprah and her friends in my ear.

Then I went to the Peaceful Scorpion. I showed danielle my feet which are showing improvement with Donnie Yance’s cream. For an hour she worked her magic with a massage and reflexology. She used hot stones and was extra careful of the blisters on my feet and the rash on my arms and chest. We both can usually feel all the “cricks” of blockages and tightness in my body, but yesterday was smooth. I left feeling relaxed and so much better.

I brought my kids to sailing then decided last minute to head to the Giving Room. It’s been about two weeks and that’s just too long. Paula and I headed out to eat lunch at the nearby North Fork Table Lunch Truck. I used to go there on “winery days” with my friends, and instead of the big hot dog, I had a tomato, mozzarella and pesto lunch. I also splurged and had some amazing fries. Life is for living, right?

We sat outside in this magical wooded area with picnic tables, and nature was alive. There were big monarch butterflies and baby monarch butterflies flying and dancing around. A red bird came and flew from table to table. Paula and I caught up, and it was lovely.

I picked up my kids from sailing, grabbed Maddie, then got dinner from Sarah which was amazing as usual. Then I set up for the evening.

When I went to yoga teacher training, I wasnt sure what I would do with it. I didnt see myself in a studio. I just knew I was supposed to do it.

In the last week, it’s been revealed to me what it’s purpose may be.

I’ve had three different mothers all ask if I could do yoga for their children. You see, adults aren’t the only ones with anxiety and trauma and big life things happening. I worked with one little boy last week and he was my first. Last night I worked with a mom and two daughters and we used my basement space. It’s not totally finished, but it’s amazing what some lights in jars and fake flowers will do. People think yoga is this super bendy, headstand and crazy poses practice. That’s not my yoga.

Mine is essential oils, giving yourself massages, closing your eyes and breathing deep and breathing in a new way to reset your panic buttons, and finding your balance. It’s super easy, gentle, and after an hour you find yourself under a blanket with your legs and feet being rubbed while you breathe for about five or ten minutes.

I received another text from another mom and I’ll be doing a session with her son as well. It’s good for me too, as it makes me practice while I show the children what to do.

Then I made homemade strawberry shortcake and the girls and my kids swam and relaxed in the hot tub. It was peaceful and healing.

Perhaps that’s why I went to yoga, or maybe not. The purpose will unfold and reveal itself fully to me in time.

Today one of my best friends is driving down to sit with me. It will be a healing day of laughter and just being.

First I had the pain.

Then I had the rising.

It’s hard to have faith that there will be a rising when in the midst of what I call “the dark night and day of the soul”. But so far, there has been good that always came after the pain.

The sun always shines after the rain.

I told Danielle about a scene in the Spider-Man movie that is hidden in the very very end of the movie after the very last credit scrolls by. A character looks like he is on the beach, the sounds of the waves and seagulls on the shore, sand all around. Then it turns out he is in a room that is a virtual reality room. I know there are virtual reality classes that are proving to help people with pain, as my friend Bob Jester is pioneering the way. I said wouldn’t it be great if hospitals and senior homes and rehabs had these rooms. A beach scene, a forest with a stream, a mountain range. Changing your view can change your emotional state.

Imagine the patients who have been isolated in their rooms for weeks with just a window. I keep thinking of my friends Eileen and her daughter Johanna who yesterday had her 102nd surgery. I see what we pay sports figures and movie stars and YouTube people. If only we could find a way to fund more research and ways to ease the anxiety along the way.

A girl can dream.

Today I’m tired but excited for my visit.

I’m also hoping the tomcats win because I’m just not ready for joe to leave yet. Tomorrow is his birthday and I’ve imagined him pitching and winning the final game on his birthday.

Today may he win, many laughs surround me, and more healing happen.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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