A Kindershow for the Ages!

I ran the gamut of seeing parent pride yesterday.

Our kindergarten concert was about friendship, but we also had a surprise. Our principal is retiring, so we dedicated the whole show to him, spoke about the things he taught us, invited him to their high school graduation in 2031, danced, wiggled, and sang songs that made everyone laugh and cry.

We’ve been practicing for months in secret, and then all seven classes got together for the past week. We weren’t sure how the kids would react to a cafetorium packed with parents and grandparents, and prayed for no criers. There was a moment before we began where we told the parents that now was the photo opportunity, and I had to take a picture of the parents. They were adorable, beaming with excitement and pride and love.

The show started, we let the cat out of the bag and told everyone that our five and six year olds actually kept a secret for months that we dedicated this show to Mr Kent. We are so incredibly blessed to have him and Mrs Williams as our principal team. You can’t find two better people whose love for children guide their every decision while supporting the staff doing the work. We decided to put them front and center to save their dignity, because we didn’t want anyone else to see them if they cried. Even the kindergarten team said we all wouldn’t be able to look at them, and took deep breaths throughout the songs.

After the first song ended, there was a moment of silence, then a huge burst of applause and cheers. The energy was palpable. The kids looked shocked for a second, then ate… it… up.

They sang and danced their little hearts out, and the audience laughed, cheered, ooooohed, aaaaahed, sighed, and cried. It was better than we could have ever imagined.

What a memory we all received yesterday.

After the show, we had our outgoing PTO president purchase ice pops for every kindergartner as a treat. Angela Ohlbaum is another huge loss for our school, a mother who has worked tirelessly to make memories for all children. She has been our President for years, and her child is graduating. She will be remembered by this class as the woman who gave them ice pops, and when we asked the kids their favorite part of the show, they all said ….the ice pops.

Of course.

Last night I saw the other end of the parent pride spectrum. The high school had their award ceremony and I was once again surrounded by proud parents, beaming with excitement and love. I saw former students all grown up, walking on stage to receive their awards. It seemed like only yesterday these high schoolers were my kindergartners. Madison received awards for Latin and AP History. She continues to astound us with her drive and ability to thrive, even while we are in the midst of cancer treatment.

All of my kids are so strong, and I am so blessed.

Today we are performing the show one last time for the school, and it’s Friday.

Thank goodness. We have had strong storms and this weather is affecting my bones. (I’m declaring it is not cancer. It’s the heavy storms every night.)

A young girl I met in Florida who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 18 posted a video yesterday. She met my herbalist in Florida and began taking his teas. I sent her a video when she was struggling to get it down. (Yes, it is that hard to gulp a pouch of brown liquid that tastes like mud and herbs and dead worms). Britney has been on the herbs since February, and only took eight days of xeloda chemo pills because they made her sick. Her scans yesterday showed her brain tumor is gone.


She was crying happy tears and saying how it’s a miracle and she loves these Chinese herbs. It made my day to see this young girl so relieved.

So yes, yesterday was a good day.

May today bring more singing, laughter and healing. In Jesus’s name, amen.



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