11/11/11 11:11:11 and Madame Swoosh

I wanted to be “in the veil” three times yesterday.

Yesterday was 11/11/11. If you take 2018, and add up 2,0,1,8 you get 11.

It’s a number that has been powerful for me, and a sign that God is with me.

The first place I wanted to be was church. I skipped the morning of yoga teacher training so I could be in church and pray with my family. Due to a mixup in communication, we missed the first service. I was so upset. We still went to bible study and it started off rough with talk of evil and a horrible story about two young girls and a school massacre that was thwarted. Not the way I wanted to start the day. But soon it changed to gifts of the spirit, and I was pointed out as having the teaching gift. I asked if there was a gift of healing, and we had a discussion on how true healers don’t advertise, or benefit, but simply heal. At the end, the entire study group came and laid hands on me and prayed as I sobbed. Then they hugged me.

I was in the veil and surrounded by love, which was exactly what I had wanted, and it came to pass.

Then I went to the Giving Room. I didnt want to interrupt the class going on so I watched for a few minutes as some of my fellow teachers practiced. They looked full of peace and they breathed and moved in a synchronized flow, and I was in awe. I went into the juice bar to grab a juice as I ended my 18 hour fast.

Andrea made me a green juice and then a coffee smoothie with extra almond butter and a half dropper of hemp oil. It was delicious. A mother walked in with her two sons and said, “Keri! Im so glad your here! I want my sons to meet you because we pray for you every night!” I wracked my Brain because I had no idea who she was. Paula later told me I never met her, but she comes into the juice bar and tells paula how she follows my story and uses it to teach her sons about life and then they pray for me.

I’m so humbled and honored. What a gift to have strangers pray for you.

Then I went in and the entire class mediated for 11 minutes and 11 seconds until 11:11:11 on 11/11/11. It is a day for manifestations and miracles. I set my intention and prayed over and over during those eleven minutes to Jesus, thanking Him for my healing, my life and the people in my world. I stayed for lunch and then part of the afternoon training. We learned how to lead people through poses and it’s harder than it looks. I spent some time with my friend Jan, and we spoke about her son who lost his house in the California wildfires. I told her about how gold is purified in the fire, about the fourth man in the fire story and how God doesn’t take you out of the fire but puts Jesus in it with you, and that I know her son is leveling up and will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. She gasped a little and said he lived on the Phoenix ranch.

May it be so.

I got home and the kids packed up for the long ride to Madame Swoosh. They stayed in the car with snacks and things to keep them busy.

I updated Odyle and her daughter Maryne translated for me. I then laid down on the table and she began to swoosh. She said the biopsy was painful, yes? Yes. Then she swooshed and swooshed around my breasts, and then stopped over my liver. It was like she made a frame around it with her hands and was looking inside of my body. I felt it as she looked and looked and looked. She pushed a little, flicked some things away then looked more. Then she shook her head and said to maryne she didn’t see the black mark, and didn’t understand. I said I dont either and didn’t feel like there was cancer in me at that moment there. She said she didn’t see any. Then she kept swooshing.

She turned me over and spent time on my neck, my hips, but also the middle of my back. She finished and said , “Phew…. PHEW!!! I am happy. I am happy!”

She then explained to me that she is just as confused about the liver cancer as the doctor, and I am quite the case, because she doesn’t see cancer there. I said that it doesn’t make sense as the markers were so low and the liver function was good, and I am not showing signs of infection either. She said she did see cancer in four spots on the bones, which is one more than what the pet scan picked up. She saw one in the middle of the spine that was extra, but she said they were light and wasn’t worried. She told me she wants me to call her as soon as I get results. I said maybe if there is no cancer in the liver they will then do a bone biopsy. She said wait until liver comes back. I asked if I should come back again while she is here and she said to wait. I told her it was one year and one day since I first met her when she said I would be cured and then help many many people. She said it’s still true. I told her about how I’m getting feelings of people and their pain and I dont know how it happens. She said that’s how it works. I told her how the other healer said I have healing hands but need to use them on me. She said that’s true. I explained how one day at yoga teacher training while meditating and visualization I saw purple circles with spinning moving dots floating away into a white light over and over, and when I came home I told rob that it was the last of the breast cancer in the breast and it was finally all gone. She said that is what happened. I asked what I should do now and she said nothing. Keep doing what I’m doing, stay connected to God, and keep visualizing healthy cells. I dont even have to lay hands on myself, I just have to be connected to God.

Then I asked if my children could meet her, as I want them to see the beautiful parts of this journey and meet people who are being used by God to heal me. Odyle laughed when I told her we call her Madame Swoosh and said she liked it.

My kids came in and she hugged them, and when she hugged Maddie, she became startled and gasped then exclaimed, “Oh!!! You’re an athlete! Do you want to be professional?” We were all startled. I never told her anything about my children. Maddie said she did just win divisions with her cross country team and Odyle kept looking at her and saying, “Oui, oui…”. Then she hugged Quinn again and asked if he was a musician.

He said he was in fourth grade chorus and gets to pick and instrument this year and may do percussion. When she hugged Morgan, she melted a bit and said how cute she was. I said she is our sunshine. Then she gently hugged her again and put her head against Morgan’s and said that she takes care of others all the time and needs to take care of herself a little more.

When she went to hug Maddie again, she went to say something but stopped and said, “Nothing… it’s nothing.” Then she said they are beautiful children and blessings. We hugged, we said we loved each other and I promised to call with results.

We went to Dicks to get kids winter jackets and snow boots, and rob laughed when I said we will have snow this weekend. I always say, “But Scott Smith says…”. He is a colleague of mine who is our own district meteorologist and always spot on.

We went to dinner across the street at Bertuccis, and as soon as we walked in I flash backed to two years ago when we ate there after my Chinese herbalist said to not worry. I’ll be ok. And here I was, two years later… and a Frenchwoman said the same thing. Quinn loves to play with the dough, and he made a pretend birthday cake for my nephew whose birthday was yesterday. We took a picture and texted it to him. I realized that once again big moments happen on holidays or birthdays.


I saw the same waitress who waited on us that night two years ago. I went up to her as we left and she remembered me. We took a picture and hugged.

When we got home, maddie said it was weird because Madame swoosh gave full hugs and she is a side hug girl. She said she knows Swoosh has the gift of prophecy, and she doesn’t know how to handle that. I think Odyle sensed that which is why she didn’t say more to Maddie at the end. Morgan said she felt love when she hugged her and it was like she knew who morgan was without ever meeting her. Quinn said he knows why I feel so happy after I see her, she is really nice, he likes her a lot and he would like to hug her again.

She smells and feels like pure love, like you are in the presence of all encompassing love, and she smells heavenly. It’s the only way to describe her. And her daughter Maryne is just as beautiful of a soul.

I’m up, and can’t go back to sleep. I’m praying today we get the biopsy results and they are negative for cancer and a miracle has occurred. I’ll deal with the bone later. Even Odyle said what my oncologist said, that the liver is the important thing now.

My spot where they went in for the biopsy was bleeding a little yesterday as rob changed the dressing. It’s right by my ribs, and it reminded me of where Jesus was pierced by the spear as he died on the cross. It made me even more grateful for all he did to save us all.

Today may the phone call come and miracles and prayers be answered. And no matter what, I’m going to be ok.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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