Round Three

Today is round three of chemo.

Yesterday was phase two of haircuts.

Have I mentioned it’s been quite the summer?

I laughed yesterday morning when Paula decided to take on the behemoth 7-11 and their “Free Slurpee” day. I’ve never heard of the phrase “chemical shitstorm”, but now that I have, I’ll never bring my kids to free slurpee day again. I went to get thirteen vials of blood taken for the tests that Oregon wants, and got updates of the Giving Room running out of watermelons because Paula decided to make it “Free Watermelon Lemonade Day”. Pictures of watermelons, messages of FOKers (Friends of Keri) showing up, and lots of jokes made the morning go quickly.

Then I went for the haircut.

My mom came with me along with Quinn and Morgan. I’m doing my best to make this not so scary, and Quinn was super excited because I told him he could cut my hair. He did the first cut, morgan did the second, then Raquel brought out the buzzers.

That’s when it got real.

But wouldn’t you know, suddenly a song came on the radio.

Mariah Carey.


It’s a song I used to sing along with and pretend I was Mariah Carey. The lyrics are all about finding strength to carry on and how the hero lies in you.

I couldnt believe it.

Raquel said the music always seems to find you when you need it.

The buzzing began and I saw in my mind how I will look when I go totally short. It’s scary for me. But this cut will help me adjust until that moment.

I’m so lucky God sent Raquel to me. There isn’t a bigger heart in Riverhead.

My kids loved the cut, and we went to get Maddie. She was shocked when she came out of work but said she liked it. Rob said he thinks I look beautiful, and Joe rubbed my head for good luck.

Everyone on Facebook was super kind and helped me get through the evening shock of not feeling hair on my neck. Thank you.

I joked how now that I look like the singer Pink, I may quit my teaching job and learn how to be a silk scarf acrobat. Glitter in the air and all that good stuff.

We hadn’t been sure all day if we were going to have plans or not for the evening, but ended up staying home. We watched some YouTube guy whose job is to go to Disney and make videos about it. It was nice to escape reality a little.

Today is round three.

I’ll be meeting my oncologist and praying when she examines me that she feels the tumors are softer, then I’ll go sit in a chair for hours and hours as I visualize magic potion entering my veins and Rob puts socks filled with frozen blueberries and peas on my hands and feet and spoon feeds me ice chips.

Do I know how to party or what?

If you manage to get to the beach today, put your feet in the water and stop and pray for me. Something about the beach and water. Feel free to send me pics. I’ll be breathing and praying and pretending I’m there with you.

Tonight I’m hoping to spend the night with three women who have become soul sisters. My soul has become quite good at recognizing who has that tiny spark that will help me light my way, and these three women have full on flames of light.

Surround yourselves with goodness, it makes life beautiful.

I’m off to get ready, take the steroids and pre-meds needed, then heading to the deli to eat like I’m about to head to downtown Cortland, get a hug from my school’s main office at 8:30, then I am off to the hospital.

Three has always been my magic number.

May round three be magical.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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