It Is Well With My Soul

I think I have a feeling what “chemo tired” means.

We went to church yesterday morning, just Rob and I . It had been a few weeks, I knew I would be emotional, and didn’t want the kids to see. I walked in and was immediately hugged and prayed over. The tears just fell as I felt the words whispered in my ear come into my heart.

That’s why you go to church, people.

I sat next to my Marguerite, and the sermon was about the Holy Spirit, and how to trust it when it enters you. The choir sang the song that I wrote about a few weeks ago, that was written by a man who lost so much, but still said, “It is well with my soul.” My friend who plays the organ said she chose that song for me and was hoping I would be in church that day.

Of course…❤️

Service ended and I got more hugs. I told Pastor how I now have a young man living with us because God told me we needed him. I didn’t know why, just that he was supposed to live with us. He whispers, I listen.

I think it shocked even Pastor how that seemed to have happen during this time of my life.

We came home and exhaustion hit.

I mean, when they say it’s like a hangover, it’s like a hangover from when you were in college.

Not just any college…

SUNY Cortland… 1990’s, after going to the City Limits, then the Dark Horse, grabbing pizza, then Woodys, doing the yard and then a mason jar of lemonade while eating popcorn from Finoch, then Frank and Mary’s.

That kind of night.

Lucky for me I had one of the special KFS drinks Paula made me. She said another family went to the Giving Room whose son is going through similar treatments and picked some up.

As much as I wish he didn’t need it, a part of me felt full of thankfulness that by being so open, the son of a man I used to work with years ago may get some comfort during some challenging days.

(You’ve got this, Dylan…🦋🙌🏻❤️)

It’s amazing how you meet people along your life timeline, and somehow, years later, your paths still connect.

Robs parents came over and hung out with us. I slept while they all talked, and then they helped rob make dinner. It was quiet and lovely, and I felt better sleeping knowing my kids and rob had them there.

As they were leaving, Joe came home. We saved a lobster for him, and Rob talked him through the way to eat a lobster. We are all so excited for his game today, and are hoping to finally meet his parents. His mom and I text often and we have a “momraderie” about this young man.

I’m tired still, but I’ve got things to do. I’m hoping to get a two mile walk in this morning while Maddie and Morgan go running. Then I’ve got to get Maddie to work along with a friend.

Rob signed up quinn last minute for a golf camp this week. It’s a good thing it was last minute, because his anticipation excitement yesterday would have been hard to handle for more than a day. Then we head to the All Star Game.

I’m here.

I’m thankful.

I’m blessed.

It is well with my soul.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



One thought on “It Is Well With My Soul

  1. If I had nothing in this life, but Jesus, I have EVERYTHING. That means more than those who have money, houses and a ton of worldly possessions. Jesus said in this life we will have trials and tribulations, but to cheer up because He has overcome the world!

    I love your posts because they are always filled with hope and those tiny moments worthy to be treasured that many often miss in day to day living.

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