All Star

It was a good day yesterday too.

I woke up feeling well, and someone I went to high school with was in town. I hopped in the car with Morgan and my summer son Joe and off we went to the Giving Room.

I think one of the amazing things about Facebook is that you’ve already caught up on everyone’s lives, so when you see friends you haven’t seen in years, there’s no catching up to do.

You just simply hug and love each other.

Tracy introduced me to her friend, and Paula began her magic with Laura and the rest of the staff. Suddenly we were doing shots of all sorts of goodness, and the energy was full of light and love.

They left and we talked about how we were praying and manifesting for Joe to make the All Star Team. Paula said she would manifest it with us, and gave Joe a cup full of crystals. I left with specially made juices to help keep nauseau at bay, and we headed to home.

I took Joe to the Organic Earthworm where we have a CSA share. I told him I feel it’s one of my “in the veil” places, where I feel close to God. We got home, he made lunch, then walked over with a huge grin on his face and his phone.

He made the team.

We whooped and cheered and hugged and texted with his mom. I texted Paula and we both said, “Of course!”

He left, and I told maddie that since I was feeling ok, she could have some

Friends over. It’s been a hard summer for her, as she got the summer flu the hardest (besides me,) started work, and hasn’t hung out at all with anyone.

Your tribe is important.

So from 4-10 I had about seven teens eating pizza, swimming and laughing. It was good for her.

We had a fire, I prayed for the boys from Thailand, and went to bed.

I’m up and heading into a detox bath now.

I recorded my session with madame swoosh and let two moms listen to it, and was amazed by how spot on she was. At one point she said she saw me in the bathroom every morning feeling and looking all over for cancer and she said I have to stop.

After yesterday’s email when my oncologist asked me if I felt the tumors were smaller yet, it’s been hard to not constantly feel my breast. At my last appointment she was examining me while I was crying on the phone telling my mom she couldn’t react because my kids were with her, told her what was happening, chemo was starting but my doctor said she has hope, and my doctor was saying “cured” and nodding her head with her eyes lit up.

I hope her eyes light up this Thursday when she measures my breast again.

As of now I’m going to try to go to church. I have a headache, but I’m

Hoping it passes and I make it.

It’s been a while, and it’s important to get a little fellowship in person.

Plus, there are some people I need to


It’s going to be a beautiful day. May the boys and coach in Thailand all make it out of the caves safely with their guides.

May I feel well and be at ease and full of peace, as the medicine does magical things.

May we all learn that we are all here together, and when we begin to see the light in others, it’s easy to love them.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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