“Round 14 and Footprints”

It was a quiet Sunday.

We went to church and something in the sermon struck me. Pastor spoke of how immediately after Jesus was baptized, He had the heavens open and God spoke to Him, then led Him into the desert for forty days to be tempted by the devil.

I realized three things.

He went immediately.

Didn’t even get to celebrate this amazing thing. “Hey John! Can you believe it! I’m the Son of God! Did you see that?” Nope. He went immediately into the wilderness.

When He was there, we all know He fought the devil. But He wasn’t alone. God was with Him, and angels ministered to Him.

Why forty days?

I guess that’s the length of time that God figures is a good amount for a test. Noah was on the ark for forty days and forty nights, and Jesus walked the Earth for forty days after Easter.

Forty days is a testing time. A time of trouble, where you lean on Him.

I also heard of Abraham, who was told to go kill his son. He went immediately. All things are second to God.

I don’t know how he did that. I struggle with that part.

But in the end, God said, “Wait! Psych! Just testing you…”

I bet Abraham breathed a huge sigh of relief.

He was told all of his descendants would number the stars in the sky.

Two men, who lived so long ago, and we still hear their stories.

They left a footprint for all to see.

Pretty amazing stuff.

My kids went with my brother and his wife for a day of nature walks, card games, and a sleepover.

I went to the Giving Room to drop off all of the coolers from the juicenado day earlier in the week. As I left, my sister in laws friend who we had just spoken about in church that morning pulled up into the lot. That always happens when I am there. Paula would tell you.

I went to Good Food and they gave me flowers for my niece. It’s her fifth birthday today. She is my sprite, and makes me laugh. Happy birthday Julia!

I came home and cleaned, got exhausted, and then mustered up the energy to check out the new restaurant in town. It’s lovely, and I hope it makes it.

Today I begin round 14 of chemo. Superpowers activate!

I’ve been up since 3:00 am. I saw a video with Scott Hamilton from some website called “I am second”. It struck me that it fit with Abraham. All things are second to God. Twice I heard that in one day.

Keep Jesus first.

Maybe this waiting period for the PETMRI is my trial. Maybe this whole stage four thing is my trial.

And if I just focus on keeping Jesus first, my life will continue to be blessed and healed.

That’s what I pray for at 3:00 am.

Today my best friend is driving down with her husband and sons. I’m expecting to laugh a lot.

It will be good for my soul, and my cells.

Today, may we all put Jesus first, and remember “I am second.”

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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