Unexpected Transformation Sunday

I went to church and sat next to Marguerite, and we all prayed for me for Thursday’s appointment, as well as for her 92nd birthday on Thursday. She has been a blessing and it is an honor to sit next to her each week.

I also learned about Transformation Sunday.

It was when Jesus went up on a mountain and appeared to some of His disciples with Moses and Elijah. I didn’t remember Elijah in the Bible, and vaguely remembered Moses as the guy with the Ten Commandments. I read up a little more, and wondered how the disciples knew it was these other two men who lived centuries before them when they appeared. It’s not like Moses took selfies with the stones and shared them on Snapchat.

I also wondered what they said to Jesus. “Maybe they said, The next few weeks will be hard, but it will be worth it. Trust us.”

That’s not answered in the Bible. But what was made clearer to me was that when God’s voice came down from the sky, he was saying to the disciples to follow only Jesus now.

You see, the disciples wanted to build a temple for all three men. It’s believed that Moses was the law, (the Ten Commandments), and Elijah was a prophet. Now, God was saying that those two men had done their jobs, and now?

Leave it all to Jesus.

He is the one.

The things you learn when you pay attention in church.

Transformation Sunday.

Jesus was transformed and His clothes were white and He was beautiful.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.

It’s also Valentine’s Day. A day of love.


Some people give up things for Lent.


I’m not giving up things, but instead…

I’m working on just giving things.

Giving more love.

Giving more forgiveness.

Giving more of my fear to God.

Giving more faith to myself and my children.

After church I went to The Giving Room with my friend Donna. When I walked in, I saw my friends Thud and Emily. She said she just knew she would see me there. Some may think I live there, but truly, I only make it there once every two to three weeks, but my heart always tries to carry the spirit of the Giving Room with me.

After we left, I delivered juices to some friends, then saw Morgan dance. She was so excited, and could not wait to perform for her family.

There, on the stage of the Living water church, my daughter transformed.

She danced to a song from Swan Lake.

She was covered in white light, and her clothes were all white.

On transformation Sunday.

How perfect.

The whole show was about love.

How perfect.

Today, may we all show more love, and forgiveness.

And may we all transform in our own ways during the coming Lenten season.

Make this time count.

Become better.



And when Easter comes, we are all better versions of ourselves than we are today.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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