Making Lemonade

I stayed after school yesterday until about 6:00 or so. We had a book fair event in the building, and some parents popped in. Every single one that saw me was like…”What are you doing here??? Go home!”

Listen, it may be kindergarten, but it’s a lot of work. Lesson plans to write, homework packets, newsletters, paperwork, new curriculum written every year to read…

It ain’t nap time and snack time and half day any more, that’s for sure.

After I left work, I went to Quinn’s pinewood derby for cub scouts. If you’ve ever had a child in cub scouts, then you know how much this event means to the boys…

And the dads.

You have to build a car out of a block of wood that isn’t more than five ounces. There are whole videos on how to fix the car so it’s faster. Cutting, sanding, painting…

I don’t know if i could have ever made a decent car. Thank God Quinn had Rob.

All we kept saying was, “Please, let him win just one race.”

His first two races, he lost. He got knocked out of the chance to place. He tried not to cry.

So did Rob and I .

He was able to race in a later round, and won that race. We were happy he at least won one race, but Quinn?

Came home and went straight to bed.

Said he didn’t want to do it next year.

There were some tears.

Rob and I talked and I wondered how we can make him into someone who doesn’t give up when he loses. See the good parts of the event. Make lemonade out of lemons.

I went back into his room and told him to come out and sit with us. Hug his dad and tell dad thanks for helping him build this amazing car.

He did.

He ended up going to bed with a smile.


I did it to myself.

I watched “This is Us”.

Rob sat next to me and just let me cry at the parts I felt all the feels in.

I texted a friend that I knew was a hard scene for her.

I laughed at the station wagon with the kids jumping in. That was us growing up.

Two scenes got me. The one when the doctor showed up and told Rebecca she took lemons and made the biggest pitcher of lemonade he ever saw helped me.

Just yesterday I had someone who I sent to Dr Snuffleuffugus get her PET scan results. NED. No Evidence of Disease. My lemons helped her make her lemonade. I also had messaged someone who is thinking of going to see him as well. She is friends with someone I sent to him last year, and she shared his name. Turns out, she also knows another friend of mine who sent me a message a few days ago about her.

Six degrees of Keri, and everyone gets to make lemonade.

At the end of the show, Jack said he just wants his kids to be ok.


But I also want more.

I want them to be resilient.

I want them to be forgiving.

I want them to be patient.

I want them to be generous…with their time, their joy, their laughter, and their love.

I want them to know that no matter where they are, or what they are going through, they are never alone.

I’ll always be with them.

So will Rob.

So will Jesus.

With the three of us, they can do anything…even make lemonade.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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