My friend Alycia posted a story about how she has received some good scans. It stared with what she called a “funny story” about being in the ER two weeks ago and the doctor misreading her scans. Said she had new mets. Turns out he was wrong.

We have warped senses of humor, my girl and I .

But here’s the thing.

She wrote about how she told him she wasn’t worried, it was just a blip, and some day he would tell people about this miraculous woman who was still alive and thriving.

She taught that doctor about hope.

Sounds like my kind of person, right?

We’ve got plans for her to come visit me this summer. Our motto is, “Good scans, making plans”.

My scans are in March, and I just might make that my new t shirt for the scan day.

Someone commented on her post and it took my breath away. She wrote about how a Greek researcher responded to her email one day about how although advanced stage is challenging, they are getting better and smarter each year for the prolongation of life with good QOL. (Quality of life). He said he just had lunch with a 31 year survivor!

He also spoke of Pandora’s box. He mentioned that people often leave off the ending.

You see, it’s a Greek mythology where Pandora was given a box and told not to open it, but curiosity overtook and she opened it, letting out evil, death, suffering, jealousy, envy. She was able to shut it, and people often forget about the fact that there was one thing left in the box for humans to hold onto…


I never heard that before.

I love that.

I also think it stinks that in all the writing that men did long ago, it was the women who ruined humanity. Pandora’s box, Eve and the Apple.

I wonder how the stories would go if women had been allowed to learn how to write back in those times.

The Bible written by women.

Greek myths written by women.

We probably would have more stories full of empathy and hope.

I went to reflexology after school and had two amazing moments. Danielle was sending energy through my feet, and I felt an energy shift in my head. You know how in movies there is that crazy camera shaking and missing and moving around?



It was like my whole head went empty.

It was like a switch turned off.

All I saw behind my closed eyes was a big empty white space.

Then it turned back on.

I felt so much better when I left.

I came home, had organic onion soup made with all the bone broth, and rested on the couch.

My kids are into Supergirl, so we watched that. We went to bed and watched “Whose line is it anyway”.

Rob and I laughed and I forgot how funny that show was. It’s good for the immune system to laugh, so I’ll look up more episodes of that on YouTube.

I saw a video on how the news is brainwashing you through science. Your brain is hardwired to get addicted to bad news. The more you watch, the more you want to watch. It’s like the car crashes on the road. Everyone slows down to see the horror.

No one slows down to see the beauty.

Then the news makes more money from advertisers.

Bad news equals more money for rich people. So let’s scare everyone about the flu, wars, the state of the world, and make rich men richer.


Let’s turn off the tv and find videos on how to paint, learn a new instrument, better ourselves, learn to forgive, exercise, and make ourselves better,

Today, let’s all make the good choice, and remember that in the bottom of the box is hope.

Hope is always there.

We just have to remember to open the box…

(Or the Bible)

In Jesus’s name, amen.



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