Wild and Free by the Sea

After school I went to the water. I met with other people who believe in energy, something out there that is bigger than them, science, and a little bit of magic.

It was cold and windy, but I felt the energy and excitement more.

We were there for the moon.

The super blue blood moon that hasn’t happened in over 150 years.

The clouds had rolled in and people thought it wouldn’t be seen.

At 5:30 the clouds on the horizon looked like they were over a fire. They were illuminated by a red glow.

We all lined up and went quiet with intention setting, meditation, silent reflection, and prayer.

I started to pray.

Suddenly I heard a gasp and opened my eyes.

There, peeking up over the cliffs in the distance, was the top of the blood red moon.

She was beautiful.


I started a Facebook live video because I wanted others who couldn’t make it to be able to see it.

I actually watched it rise up, like a phoenix from the ashes.

I knew I had to put my feet in the water, snow and wind be damned.

My friends Laura and Paula from the Giving Room went in as well, which was perfect.

Three souls in the water.

I ran up to the waters edge, took off my socks and boots, hiked up my leggings, and ran in. I had my selenite crystal wand in my hand too. God made everything on this Earth, and I believe He made the selenite crystals to have healing energy for me as well. The moon and sand and sea all recharged it.

I threw my hands up in the water and danced and thanked God for my life, my friends, my health, my love, and asked Him to continue to completely heal me, as well as help all of my other friends I offered prayers for, and asked for it all in the name of Jesus.

I knew I probably looked like a wild witchy woman from afar, but in my heart I was a free, healed, Jesus loving born again and again and again daughter of a King.

And women like me?

We don’t care what we look like anymore.

Love can break the chains of what holds us back.

I’ve got big love.

Love of my husband, love of my children, love of my family and friends, and love of Jesus, all in my heart.

We came out, put back on our shoes quickly, and then everyone started to leave the beach.

I stayed behind and wrote in the sand with my wand.

It was too cold to bend all the way over, and my hands were frozen, so having the long wand sure came in handy.

I drew a circle and wrote, “Heal, Healed, Healer”, and then “Faith Over Fear”.

Paula waited for me and then we left. Another friend stopped us and took our picture. She also said she took some of me when I was in the water and on the beach.

I did look like a wild woman, and when I sent them to another friend, she said I looked free.

I’m doing my best to be free physically of all cancer, but becoming free from it mentally and emotionally has been hard.

Last night helped.

Then we went to the Giving Room and there were candles and yoga mats and blankets lovingly prepared for us to lay down upon and just breathe. I saw the daughters of a man I have prayed for every day, and also another man who I sent to Dr Snuffleuffugus. It was the first time I ever met him in person. It was a good night to meet someone whose life is also being helped by a secret Chinese man.

We wrote down our intentions.

I wrote on the front and back of the paper for myself, and also wrote the names of those I have special prayers for right now. It changes day by day, as I feel some need extra prayers at times more than others.

Kind of like Arya Stark in Game of Thrones with her list of names.

(But I pray for their lives to be helped…Arya is out for vengeance,

I’m out for love).

Paula ended it with poems about love and the moon.

There was one poem about how everyone’s eyes are like moons, and we all want love to be reflected in our eyes. That’s how the moon works, you know.

I talked to my kindergarten about it. It doesn’t get smaller and bigger, it just has more light from the sun shining on it and it reflects the light back to us. When it’s full, it’s feeling and showing all the light from the sun.

Same with us and love.

When we are fully receiving love, we reflect it to others, even during the darkest nights.

How perfect.

Today I’ve got to move quickly, as my oncologist wants my levels checked today, mid chemo session. I’ll drop off the kids, run to the lab, then try and get to school on time. After school morgan has an eye doctor appointment, then I’ll get home around 5:30 or so.


I’ll look at the moon and thank it for its love and light.

Then I’ll thank God for all of my love and light and life and laughter…. and for the moon, stars, sun and His son.

Today may we all be reflections of the sun… and the “son”. May His love and light fill your life so brightly that you shine for others, even when the wind is blowing and the clouds move in and the night seems dark and long.

The moon is there, reminding you by the Its reflection of the sun’s light, that brighter days are coming.

Hold on for the sun/son.

In Jesus’s name, amen.



PS. Here are some poems I found for you. Enjoy, then look at the moon tonight.❤️🙌🏻🦋

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